Calling All Angels – Katherina and Tracy

An Angel’s Kiss 

Angels come to us in our deepest despair and our heaviest anguish. Calling All Angels was born after one of our owners had such an angelic visit. “After falling in a restless sleep sometime during a night when life’s hurdles felt too much to bear, I had a visitor. There seemed to be something familiar about this entity, something soothing and comforting. Its warm embrace and calming light spoke to me, reassuring me, ‘Everything will be okay.’ It was then that I was kissed on my forehead and I could feel light spreading through my body. A wonderful wave of warmth left me with a feeling of strength and peace. After waking up I knew I had been visited and kissed by an angel. I could still feel the spot where I was kissed, a reminder of a wonderful, life changing, and empowering experience meant to help in difficult times.” 

The artists at Calling All Angels create one of a kind angel sculptures. Each angel is hand crafted. No two angels are alike. Each angel is symbolic of an “Angel’s Kiss” because we all need a warm embrace and the comfort of hope in difficult times. Perhaps we just need a guardian angel to watch over us for all the challenges yet to come. Your angel will pick you. Just browse around…. we guarantee, you will know which angel belongs to you; which angel will be your “Kiss“, or the “Kiss” to give. 

Calling All Angels by Katherina Lipscomb & Tracy Crocker

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