Ground & Shield Myst


For anyone who feels unsure of their next step, unsure of the future or being off center; this maybe the ideal myst. Many situations can affect our sense of safety and security. When they do, we tend to feel less grounded in our physical bodies. This myst may be ideal for reminding you to take care of yourself and the sense of being protected.

We have a number of clients who use this as a nighttime sleep aid for themselves or their children who have a difficult time falling asleep or staying asleep. They simply spray it around themselves as the last thing they do before closing their eyes for the night.

If being used in a room in your home or business; consider the foundational areas of the home. This could include the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or family room. At work, consider using it in the reception areas, restrooms and open office areas.

This myst may be use on your sheets and pillowcases whenever you change your bed linens. As a fabric freshener! Just a couple of sprays over the top of your freshly made bed!

These mysts are also great for cleansing and clearing crystals.


Selenite and Smokey Quartz crystals are combined with the essential oils from Cedar and Honey Almond to create a soothing myst that works to strengthen your connection to the ‘Root’ energy center (chakra) and your ‘Physical’ energy body.

  • 2 oz bottle
  • Note: This product has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and is not intended as a diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure for any medical condition.


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