Stress Be Gone Crystal Kit

The Stress Be Gone Crystal Kit includes four crystals to ease stress. Each kit contains one piece each of Selenite, Rose Quartz, Unakite, and Dragon’s Blood, plus a small carrying bag. This combination of crystals has a strong focus on clearing and clarity. First clearing away the emotional energies and thought patterns that cause the stress, then becoming clear about ways to minimize the triggers.

The healing properties of these crystals support self-examination and intuitive insight. Thus, encouraging you to open yourself to change. These properties are usually associated with with the crown, third-eye, and throat Energy Centers. To ground and anchor when working with these crystals we have also included crystals with the properties of grounding and vitality. This is important whenever your desire includes creating something in physical form.

There are many ways you can work with your Stress Be Gone Crystal Kit. Meditate or pray on your intention while holding your crystals. Wear or carry these crystals with you in the included carrying bag. Create a crystal grid to support your intention of relieving stress. Create a ceremony or ritual using your crystals. Use your crystals to bring calming energy into your space, or create water infused with the healing properties of these crystals. You can find more detailed information on ways to use these crystals here

Note: The information provided for the Stress Be Gone Crystal Kit is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The crystals you receive will not look exactly like the crystals pictured.