Thistle River – Stephanie Myer

Stephanie was born and raised in the valley and graduated from ASU with degrees in Kinesiology and History- Medieval. Over the years Stephanie focused on building a client base for her health business but always maintained a side gig in crafts. She found a love for Sacred Geometry many years ago and then once she got her laser machine, she started creating one of a kind crystal grids for those in the community. It wasn’t until after she started making the grids that she branched out into collecting crystals and researching them. She particularly likes crystals that have a special place in history or ancient times, such as Turquoise, Goldstone, and Lapis Lazuli. 

When creating the crystal grids, Stephanie wanted to make something unique and individualistic for each person that would represent them through either the color, design, or overall look. Everyone has a different perspective and is drawn to different colors and/or shapes, so she wanted to give people as many options as possible. She also engraves Sacred Geometry on wood pieces for those that want a more natural look. 

The Flower of Life engraved on any greenish color pattern is her personal favorite.

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