Stephanie Phelps

Stephanie has been a member of the Storm Wisdom family since 2009, the year we opened our doors.  She is married David and has two adult children and 2 grandchildren who she sees as often as she can! 

Stephanie is an intuitive spiritual guide and ceremonialist who is deeply connected to Earth Wisdom, teaching through the Path of Heart and the Medicine Way. She is recognized for her passion, inspiration and truth in bridging Heaven and Earth through ceremonies, workshops and sacred travel. 

She has been initiated, trained and blessed by tribal elders, shamans, grandmother wisdom keepers, and continues to learn and share this wisdom and knowledge with all who seek the mysteries of the heart and soul.

Having been introduced to the contemporary reinterpretation of ancient healing practices still used today in North and South America, Stephanie works with Energy Medicine to help people achieve balance in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is her heart’s desire that, through her work, many will be transformed and inspired to move fully into the life they were born to live. 

Stephanie sees clients at Storm Wisdom on Thursdays from 1-6pm or by appointment.

Stephanie is also one of our featured local artist who creates ceremonial sage bundles, smudge wands and much more.    Connect with her at