Stephanie Phelps

A respected spiritual guide, ceremonialist and intuitive healer who provides a safe environment for personal transformation and healing to occur.

Extensive travels have allowed her to learn from different cultures, customs and beliefs.  Guided by Spirit, she has been enlightened by the indigenous shamanic teachers and medicine people from New Guinea, Peru and the Native Southwestern United States.

Stephanie’s passion is to be of service to the planet and humanity, navigated by clear vision and a pure heart. Explore with her on your journey towards healing your mind, body and soul through various services, workshops, ceremonies, guided meditations and sacred tours.

Stephanie is a gifted clairaudient and clairsentient available for private or group sessions, signature workshops and speaking engagements worldwide. To learn more about Stephanie Phelps please and



Personal Services and Healing Sessions
* Illuminations & Extractions
* Soul Retrieval
* Past Life & Chakra Clearings
* Angel & Oracle Readings
* Consultation & Mentoring

Guided Meditations & Sacred Tours
* Discover your Totem & Power Animals
* Shamanic Journeys
* Sacred site tours, specializing in Sedona, Arizona

* Full/New Moon, Fire, Despacho
* Medicine Wheel

* Medicine Tools
* Journey of the Medicine Wheel
* Meaning of Feathers
* When A Rock Speaks Listen
* Ceremonial Art and Mask making

Intuitive Guidance / Shamanic Energy Healing
* $100 per hour –   $60 per 1/2 hour

Please call 602.334.1204 to schedule appointments that are longer (or shorter) than one hour


Thursdays  1pm – 6pm (or by appointment on other days)


What (or who) is the inspiration for the work you do?

Nature has always been my greatest inspiration and teacher.

I have had my most profound experiences when I go into that silent place within and connect with our Mother Earth; the veils of separation are lifted from my consciousness. I have learned the language of the Earth and all of Nature is God waiting to be heard. This is the remembering that connects me back to my essence. Touching into an intangible realm and discovering the life force energy in all things. I listen and pay attention to the subtle energies at work, perhaps it is sister wind who speaks, a winged one, stone person, or the color within a rainbow.

How would you describe a typical session with you?

Each session is unique to the individual and their specific needs or desires. It is important to me that an individual is seen, heard, honored and respected in a safe, nurturing and loving environment. As an intuitive shamanic healer I work with the seen and the unseen realms allowing for spirit to guide and direct the session for healing to take place. I work with a variety of modalities. My techniques include the ancient practices of energy medicine, such as illuminations, soul retrieval and power animal retrieval. Sometimes I work with my mesa which is a collection of power stones called Khuyas, which have been initiated down through the lineage of Qero Shamans of Peru. My work might include past life clearings, extractions, chakra balancing, intuitive readings, mentoring and perhaps your team of spiritual beings shows up and speak through me.

A good place to start is with an Illumination which is the foundation for a lot of the work I do. It is very effective for a variety of problems and I feel a fast track for transformation. During the session one of the things I do is track any negative energy that is affecting you and remove it. I will guide you through this process and we can identify the energy that is holding any patterns, beliefs or imprints in place; these are the things that keep you stuck. We will work on combusting the dense energies which are preventing you from moving past your obstacles, and then we flood the chakras with The Light of the Sacred. The beauty of this entire process is it creates a healing for the client’s affinities for attracting negative energies with the clearing and releasing, then stepping up the frequency at which a chakra spins. Every form of energy has a frequency and a vibration. As the vibratory rate of a chakra increases, we begin to attract pure, clear beneficent energies.

What is your deepest desire for someone to walk away with after a session with you?

My deepest desire is that a person will experience true freedom as their luminous energy body comes into a new state of health, vitality and harmony. That a shift will occur and they will know the magnificence of possibility. That it be powerful and loving.