Stephanie Phelps

Nature has always inspired me to create. The beauty, power, colors, and living energy that run through all things on our amazing planet have always been my source of inspiration. I connect with natural elements, find the treasures placed upon my path, and allow the organic flow of my imagination to infuse my creations.

Birds, or what I lovingly call the Winged Ones, fly along the sacred pathways of the winds and come as messengers leaving their feathers as gifts connecting us with the heavenly realms. Through this connection and my passion, I create handcrafted one-of-a-kind feather smudge, prayer, and blessing fans. As a shamanic practitioner, I use feather fans for smudging, ceremonies, talking sticks, and healing tools. Through my creations and the medicine of the Winged Ones, we enhance your journey, and my prayer is that you enjoy using this labor of love as much as I enjoyed creating it.

My Products