Vikki Reed

How fortunate Vikki was that her mom gave her free access to art supplies, even as young as three.  When life felt chaotic and out of control, she would scribble designs that she later came to learn had a name…mandalas.

The magical world that opens when creation begins was almost irresistible to Vikki as a young person.  Entering adulthood, outer world wisdom seemed to dictate that she should leave that behind.

Vikki felt a new sense of freedom and relief when she quit her job in 1989 to pursue art full time.  Initially she created in watercolor, desert landscapes and botanicals, then returning to the mandalas she created as a child, and now, contemporary mixed media pieces.

Along the way, her continued interest in alternative healing led to many modalities, among them, Biofield Tuning and Emotion Code, in which she achieved certification in 2018 and 2019, respectively.  Although this might seem like an aside to the art, Vikki has come to realize that both are forms of frequency medicine.

Vikki’s path did not always read like a fairytale, or maybe it did, with allies and ogres, the Heroine’s Journey…but the current chapter is an addictive read, with tales of delicious creativity, lots of artwork she is proud of having created, and the certainty that her best work is yet to come.

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