Crystal Knowledge Deck


The Crystal Knowledge Deck is ideal for increasing your knowledge of crystals; understanding your Energy Centers and Energy Bodies; providing a daily affirmation or intention; and as an Oracle deck for intuitive guidance.

Draw one card to:

1) Select a crystal for the day. Note: if you don’t have the actual crystal, you can work with the image from the card.

2) Get a one-word affirmation or intention.

3) Identify an energy center or energy body as a focus.

Draw three cards to:

Represent past, present, future or challenge, opportunity, strength.

Or, follow your intuition and create your own layout or spread.

• A card with the crystal showing is an affirmation.

• A card with the write-up showing means pay attention to the details.

• An upside down card indicates an action could be taken.


50 Crystal Cards

Does not include crystals used in photo


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