Peaceful Balance Myst


Consider using this popular blend as a part of your morning ritual for preparing to start your day! After showering and body care. Spray the myst around you while you set your intentions for the day. If you are using the myst as part of your nighttime routine, simply use it before you fall asleep to release any unwanted energies from your day.

If being used in a room in your home or business; consider areas where multiple people gather, such as the living room, family room or kitchen at home. At work, consider using it in meeting, conference or training rooms.

This myst may be use on your sheets and pillowcases whenever you change your bed linens. As a fabric freshener! Just a couple of sprays over the top of your freshly made bed!

These mysts are also great for cleansing and clearing crystals.


Selenite and Clear Quartz crystals are combined with the essential oils from Rosemary and Orange to create an all-around soothing myst that works to harmonize and balance both the energy centers (chakras) and energy bodies.

  • 2 oz bottle
  • Note: This product has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and is not intended as a diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure for any medical condition.


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