Receiving Abundance Crystal Kit

The Receiving Abundance Crystal Kit includes four crystals to attract abundance. Each kit contains one piece each of Fuchsite with Ruby, Jade, Citrine, and Garnet, plus a small carrying bag. This combination of crystals has a strong focus on manifesting prosperity. Work with these crystals to connect with what your heart longs for, then see it come to fruition. In order to create something physical it is important to be grounded and have a strong connection with the Root Energy Center.

These crystals also have properties that support self-awareness, highlighting your relationship with wealth and abundance.  For some it is easy to create more, yet they have a hard time holding on to it, which means they never achieve that feeling of abundance. This combination may support shifting this pattern.

There are many ways you can work with your Receiving Abundance Crystal Kit. Meditate or pray on your intention while holding your crystals. Wear or carry these crystals with you in the included carrying bag. Create a crystal grid to support your intention of relieving stress.  Create a ceremony or ritual using your crystals. Use your crystals to bring calming energy into your space, or create water infused with the healing properties of these crystals. You can find more detailed information on ways to use these crystals here

Note: The information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The crystals you receive will not look exactly like the crystals pictured.