Selenite Powder

Selenite works quickly to clear clutter and confusion from your mind.  This is important because the overactivity or use of the mind when left unchecked can create negative emotional energies that are denser and harder to clear. This denser emotional energy or dis-ease, if not cleared or released, leads to even denser physical dis-ease.

Selenite works primarily with the mental and spiritual aspects of self, its energy affects the Third Eye and Crown Energy Centers. It is considered one of the most intense energies of any of the stones for these energy centers. It is fast and effective at cleansing the auric field, as well as clearing congested energies or negativities from the etheric body.

Selenite Powder is a versatile tool to use for neutralizing, clearing and releasing any unwanted, unneeded, or unnecessary energies.  This could be from your entire energetic field, a specific targeted area of the body, or even a room or space!

  • It is ideal as a mineral bath or as a part of an Epsom Salt bath.
  •  Add to chemical free paint or sealants before applying to your room or art
  • Sprinkle in the garden or walkway to enhance the welcoming energies
  • Wrap in natural cloth to create a pillow that can be placed on the body for:
    * headaches
    * joint or muscle pain
    * inflammation
    * to relax and release the stress of the day.

One packet contains enough Selenite Powder for 1 mineral bath (2 if combined with Epsom Salt), or 3 gallons of paint (approximately 1 tbsp per/gallon), or 1 pillow.

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  • Note: This product has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and is not intended as a diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure for any medical condition. For external use only, do not ingest.