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Let’s Howl at the Moon!!

Have you felt like howling at the moon or felt more emotional than usual? This week we’ve been experiencing a lot of Lunar influences. The first full moon of 13 in 2020 occurred on Friday, January 10th and it is known as the Wolf Moon. Hmmm. Think about the symbology represented by wolves. Yes, they howl and express themselves vocally. They also are known for their loyalty, hierarchical structure, intelligence, family, and keen senses. Often they can be misrepresented in stories. 

Typically the Wolf Moon represents freedom and encouragement to release things that no longer are working for you. It can often indicate spiritual awakening for some people and during this time you might feel more emotional and yearn for more intimacy in your life. Does anything resonate with how you’re feeling? It’s ok. It’s time to trust your instincts and release old stuff without creating new stories about what you’re experiencing. Can you feel yourself observing what’s happening rather than trying to figure out all of the details? read more…

Give Peace a Chance!

2020 is here! Can you believe it? Energetically the number 4 can symbolize home, creating structure/foundation; or educating self or others. Does this make sense? At the universal level there’s a lot of movement going on. Each one of you has your own personal year energetically as well. I’ve been reflecting on the journey of awakening and how it relates to peace. 2020 is a perfect time to consider our current or new  foundation as we continue the journey of awakening and feeling more peaceful. I like to think of it as the journey of going home – home to our true nature which is a spark of God/Goddess/All That Is/Source or Oneness – LOVE! When we experience ourselves as LOVE then there is nothing else but feeling peaceful. So far, I have more frequent moments but it’s not a 24/7 feeling yet!

What does “awakening and give peace a chance” mean to me? I believe that the journey of awakening brings about opportunities for more conscious awareness, living, and making conscious choices. This journey is individual and unique for everyone. For several years I didn’t know what I was experiencing. I only know that my soul yearned for something more and seemed to respond to music and prayer in the beginning. These were signs that meant something was happening within me but I had no words for it. Over time, as I began to follow my intuition, I found that I was attracted to classes, programs, and experiences I never imagined.  read more…

It’s the Journey!

As 2019 ends and 2020 emerges a new decade begins! I wonder what’s in store for us. There are so many possibilities, aren’t there? I’ve been reflecting on who I am now and who I’ve been. Also visioning who I want to become. My vision is to become more of my authentic self – LOVE – and let go of what’s not! It’s a journey isn’t it? 

Have you heard the phrase “It’s the journey and not the destination”? I believe this. So many people want to know clearly what the end result or destination is. In fact, for many years, I did too. Many people ask, “What’s my purpose? Why am I here?” Now, I realize that there are many possible futures for each one of us that are determined by the choices we make on our journeys. It’s the journey that’s important. Does this make sense?

Through the years I’ve thought about my journey being more important than a specific destination. Many of you may be familiar with Paulo Coelho, Brazilian lyricist and novelist who is well known for his novel, The Alchemist. Recently I saw a quote from him that really resonated. He said, “We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpool of infinity! Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.”

I’ve evolved and changed what I believe on my journey. I’ve learned to accept myself and others in ways that I didn’t before. My heart has opened in ways that I now can laugh at myself, not take myself too seriously, express my feelings, love myself more, and be more vulnerable. I feel that being here to experience a full range of emotions is also part of the journey. I have to say that I haven’t quite let go of all of my desire to “control” outcomes though! LOL 

I’ve asked myself and will ask you, “How will the journey change if you embrace the belief and feel that your life is eternal? How will interactions with others change when you are more conscious and thoughtful as you encounter, meet, love and share yourself with them?”

As I’ve reflected on these questions, I’ve found that my perspective has shifted. I’m more conscious and choose to remain more in the present moment. This doesn’t mean I don’t hold a vision for the future. I don’t dwell on it or the past. I’ve noticed that I make deeper connections with others and have deeper meditative experiences. There are moments, during meditation, when I feel my physical body limitations shed and I become the universe where all answers reside. I become the cosmic traveler in those moments! Have you ever experienced this? 

I realize how precious life and this moment is. As Paulo Coelho said, “It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” The opportunity to move forward into 2020 more consciously is a gift! Every choice made will determine the next experience on the journey. Be the best you can be. It’s yours to create!! Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

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You Are The Gift!

How are you? This time of year can be stressful for many people. I was reminded recently that the Holidays can be a very happy and joyful time but it can also be a very lonely and depressing time for some people. This contrast of people feeling the “high highs” and/or the “low lows” during this time of year makes me feel grateful for the many blessings in my life. It also brings a greater awareness, once again, of the very different and unique journeys that each one of us are on. Yet, what we have in common is our core essence or what I feel is our eternal and divine nature sometimes referred to as God, Source, Soul, Life Force, Creator, Oneness, and other names in other cultures. That essence is LOVE.

So why am I bringing this up right now? Please be aware of the different experiences we are having. When we interact with people with greater awareness we can offer words of kindness; listen to someone who wants to feel heard; be a sounding board without wanting to “fix” everything; offer a smile; or express gratitude to the server, cashier, customer service representative. Your kindness just might be the spark of hope and gift that was needed right then. You may never know your impact on another person’s life just by being you! The ways you can be a gift to someone is limitless and really up to you!

Do you believe you are a gift? Why not? A gift is something that is freely given to another without compensation or strings attached. Why not think of yourself as a gift? Kindness is one of the best gifts you can give to someone and it’s free. If you feel shy you can use your intentions and imagine beautiful light and love surrounding someone. Thoughts/intentions create things don’t they? You are still a gift! read more…