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Guilt Be Gone

You’ve probably noticed I don’t really edit my writing. It is a bit of a thought dump…, and if I really took the time to edit for grammar, punctuation and spelling, it would be too much of a task or burden. It would take me so long to “get it right”, that I probably would have given up on writing a long time ago.

I do usually take one good look for those glaring mistakes – which I still sometimes miss anyway.

The process is like this… I write…, I read it out loud to myself or Fito. Fix any obvious problems and then send it off to my trusty tech-guy Paul, who then gets it into the right template/format. When the entire newsletter is done, I get it back and do a review and approval… and send it off for publishing.

What I found last week when I re-read the article (Ebb and Flow) after it was in the final format, was that I feeling ‘guilt’ while reading it. As if my present circumstances seemed too luxurious or like I wasn’t doing enough. I wasn’t “working hard enough”. Or maybe I was just being lazy. read more…

Ebb and Flow

It feels a little bit weird these days writing these articles. I have stepped away from the business of running Storm Wisdom and I’m really only there a few hours a week (at the most) Gisela, Millie and Mary Helen are running the place and actually have been in that role for a long time.

For the last few years, I have been doing the accounting, bill paying, payroll and those sort of administrative duties. These functions only require a couple of hours a week at the most. This means I am finally realigning my time to match my effort.

What that means when it comes to these newsletters is that I am not having all the juicy conversations that naturally come up when you’re in a spiritual center. I am not interacting with and learning from all the visitors, clients and friends who walk through the front door.

These interactions were the catalysts for so many of the posts I have written in the past. Not being as engaged has shifted or changed a lot of that. AND.., I am spending more time alone. I have been hiking everyday. And that is the most consistent thing I can boast about or claim. It is cathartic and enjoyable… but it does not inspire the level of self-reflection that being inside the walls of Storm Wisdom does.

Everything feels weird. But it also feels right. read more…

The Beauty of Transformation

Maybe you’ve noticed the banner below regarding ‘Casita Serena’. This is the guesthouse we originally built for my mom.., Ruthie. She lived here for just over 10 years. After her passing, we decided to convert it into a vacation rental.

This is all new to us. And everything feels different!

There is some work involved in setting up a space for guests. Everything from furniture, towels and linens, amenities, decor and even setting up the systems and calendars for this type of endeavor.

The biggest adjustment is how to share your space with new guests, who for the most part, you don’t know. Of course the services such as AirBnB or VRBO do a lot of the screening and verification. But the truth is, we don’t know much about them till they arrive.

Every guest (or group) is different. Knowing how to interact, what to offer or even recommend is a bit of a shot in the dark. You can’t know, until you know! You can hope you are hitting the mark. Yet in truth, you basically go into each rental with fingers crossed!
read more…

Magic is in the air!

Magic is in the air!

Actually, magic is ALWAYS in the air. Sometimes we just need to pay attention. It is a bit like our intuition or should I say intuitive senses. We are all intuitive, but the more we pay attention to (and trust) these senses, the more they reveal themselves.

This is true for magic too. We are always working with the energetic field that surrounds us. We are connected and an integral part of this unified field. Yet so often we feel disconnected or separate from it. As if we are going it alone!

Harmony with the field is our natural state. However, our thoughts, beliefs, attitude and perception can often feel more powerful. It is easy to believe we are alone or disconnected from everything going on around us.

Sometimes it feels like we “almost” grabbed the “brass ring”. It feels like something we want is within reach. It is right there, but we can’t quite put our hands on it. Rather than recognizing that this is something within us that is preventing that thing from manifesting.., we begin to feel like it is the Universe working against us. As if we are separate or on different sides.

That is never the case. read more…

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