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The Resistance is Mine

Fain to create and move toward.

Pursued, even stalked.

Even a subtle drift of difference feeds a longing.

Be it tempering, turn about or metamorphosis.

Rapid or with the vicissitude of years.

We author change, willing to transform.


Expansion, desire to learn, become more aware.

Examining self to understand All.

A journey that beckons to those who dwell near the abyss.

Looking into the void with a knowing of more.

Willing to venture alone into the mist.

Trust that the more will be revealed or emerge.

An understanding achieved through discovery. read more…

It’s My Monkey-Wrench

I have just deleted the first line of this post and started over. I realized when I got the words on the page that they didn’t feel right. They are the words I use and even how I feel. But in writing them, they didn’t feel very empowered.

So let’s find words that feel right and empowering too!

We are learning and expanding Beings. We have chosen this time and place to take our Soul’s journey to the next level. To expand our own level of awareness and, in turn, expand the consciousness of All-That-Is.

Often it feels that our focus is external. That our relationships, jobs, health, government, corporations, finances, etc.., are the drivers of our experience. However, the truth is those external circumstances are our creations. We use them as our playground.., or in some case the obstacle course for our internal evolution.

We are here to become more – of Ourselves. read more…

Man in the Mirror

I was having a conversation yesterday with a friend who is going through a lot.  The end of a long term relationship.   Changes with their work.  Creating a new relationship with their body.  Even a possible move to another city.

There are so many areas of their life that seem to be up in the air.  They were feeling the stress of it all.  Yet among the chaos there was another theme that was also coming to the surface.  Without planning it, it was obvious, this was the ideal time to focus on them!

It really got me thinking about how important it is for all of us to do the same thing.

Not just when the ups and downs or challenges of life are upon us.  But all the time.  To take care of ourselves and stay current with who we are and who we are becoming.

Like so many of us, my friend is very comfortable in the role of giver.  Especially when it comes to family and friends.  But when the circumstances change, are we prepared to give to ourselves? read more…

Ideal Crystals for Cleansing and Clearing

The following are popular and easy to find crystals that you can work with to cleanse and clear your space or your energetic field.

Let me start by saying this: I truly believe that there are as many different ways to work with crystals as there are people. Anyone can intuitively connect with a crystal and figure out how it will most effectively support them.

With that said, sometimes it is easier to find information that someone has already written based on their own experience. If what is written here (or in book your reading) resonates with you… go for it! If it doesn’t, let it go and wait until something else presents itself!

Now, to the subject at hand. There are a number of crystals that have properties that support clearing or cleansing your space and or energetic field. The ones that I rely on the most are Selenite, Black Tourmaline, and Himalayan Salt. read more…

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