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I met a couple who were visiting from out of town, John and Diane. I ran into them at a pop-up event I was doing, and they decided to come check out the store. Diane was on a mission. John was providing encouragement and support.

The conversations were lively and covered a wide range of topics. However it was a quick exchange that happened near the end of our visit that really stuck with me.

We were talking about the kind of experiences, where once you have them, it takes awhile to process and integrate them. It can be such a slow process that it might take days or weeks. Often we forget we are still in the absorption of the content or experience.

Then John said something about “when we stop learning.., we are done”. Meaning – that is when we die. On one level I get this. It makes sense to me. But then it made me think about the difference between learning and personal expansion. read more…

Simply Fantastic

What if life is simply fantastic, but we refuse to see it?

What if, what we are creating, is amazing 100% of the time, but we only allow ourselves to experience 70-80% of it?

Sometimes this ‘human’ experience can be so confusing. What we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, touch with our hands, seems so real. Our thoughts seem important. Significant. Yet they are all made up! We use theses to craft and create the illusion that is our Life.

We are a jumbled mix of beliefs, attitudes, experiences and lessons absorbed at a young age, that we then use to filter and interpret the rest of our lives. Until at some point, hopefully, we begin to realize that so much of what we believe is real, doesn’t even add up or make sense. read more…

A Thousand Miles

There are great quotes, messages or inspiring thoughts about how to approach a new project or goal, that at the start, might seem overwhelming. Such as “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” by the Chinese philosopher Laozi. However, right now it feels like that first step is so daunting, that I feel a bit frozen.

I have been thinking about a new personal endeavor for awhile now. I have the bandwidth, desire and know what I want to create. I have some experience with portions of this new dream. I am not starting from scratch. Yet, even though what I want to tackle next, is perfectly aligned with what I am already doing. I am stalled. Treading water. Procrastinating.

What do you suppose causes us to do this to ourselves? I know I am not the only one. read more…

Breathe That In

“Breathe that in.” This is what I kept saying to myself last night as people were sharing their experience and feelings of/for Storm Wisdom…, and me.

I thought about how many times I have said that to others. “Breathe that in.”

Someone getting heartfelt acknowledgement or recognition for who they are or their impact on others.., and trying to bypass it, or move to the next topic. As good as hearing the words might feel, often we attempt to minimize them. Because receiving those kinds of compliments or words of praise are sometimes hard for us to receive.

But to not take those words in is a dis-service to ourselves and to the person who is offering their sincere feedback. So I kept saying to myself “Breathe that in.”

Why is this hard for so many of us? Actually, why is this so hard for me? It is not as if I am not proud of my role in what we have created. I am in awe and appreciation everyday. But my knee jerk reaction is to dismiss or diminish my impact. But last night, my mantra was “Breathe that in.” read more…

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