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A Season of Change

“Real change in the world will only come from a change of heart.” Dalai Lama

Life as we’ve lived it has radically changed for most people in the world! How are you adjusting? As I talk to people I’ve found a variety of responses. Those who are working from home and have kids at home from schools closing find it challenging to keep young kids occupied while they work. Others with older children are enjoying online learning and are finding creative ways to have space for the privacy everyone needs.

Families are scheduling lunch and dinner time together rather than shuttling kids to activities. Games are being dusted off and time is being set aside for the family to be together having fun. It’s also a great time to have conversations about what’s going on in the world and the individual dreams or concerns that are being held by each family member. Resist or embrace the coming together of family?  read more…

A Crystal Cocktail for the COVID-19

(Fluorite, Sunstone, and Amethyst)

This crystal cocktail is not offered as a way to eliminate or cure the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It is also not a replacement for taking care of yourself and does not eliminate the need for social distancing.

Instead it offers a way to look at this pandemic through a personal lens of unification and Oneness. It is intended to share the perspective that this virus, along with the upheaval and chaos being created, offers us each a way to work with this situation as a means to facilitate personal growth and expand self-awareness. It allows us to choose conscious evolution and learning from this physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually challenging situation.

While this is truly a pandemic that has real world consequences and realities, the truth is that when it is over, things will not be the same. Many everyday norms will have been altered, eliminated, or established. New ways of coexisting on the planet, including a much greater awareness of our interconnectedness, will emerge.

This has the potential to shift our future in much needed ways. Including the need to support and work with one another. There will be of course a lot of bad behaviors too. Greed, hoarding, taking advantage of others, manipulation and unsavory and/or unethical responses. Yet, many people will recognize these divisive behaviors for what they are and begin to reject them as they map new paths forward.

For those reading this who have been studying, embracing and encouraging a greater awareness of our Oneness.., this time offers a rich opportunity to advance your personal awareness, thereby creating new levels of conscious awareness across the planet. Consciousness grows as each of us grows. When we evolve, Oneness does too.

First let’s look at the crystals included in this cocktail:

Fluorite has a lot of great properties, however the one that is most compelling for this combination is that Fluorite offers the us the ability to deal with our emotions in layers. It does this by directing any dense emotional energies we are feeling to the Energy Center(s) or chakra(s) of the body that is most triggered by these emotions. When we understand which of our Energy Centers are being triggered by the current situation. We begin to see patterns or behaviors that are familiar.

As you observed which of your Energy Centers are activated or shut down by the pandemic crated by the Coronavirus, you may be reminded of past situations or circumstances that triggered a similar reactions or response. In the case of the Coronavirus intense emotions such as fear, panic, denial and/or confusion are likely to play a role.

Maybe you are feeling these personally.., or maybe you are simply surrounded by others who are. Either way, what is important to know is that there are increased levels of emotional energies that most of us are being subjected too. While you are working with Fluorite, it may be easier to understand how the situation is impacting you personally. Then you have the opportunity to increase the vitality of your Energy Center(s), you are also able to release and heal not only the current emotional energies, but those from your past as well.

Sunstone is the second crystal that is part of this combination. Sunstone is aligned with the true essence of pure masculine energies.  Action, decisiveness, resilience, forward movement, strategy, leadership and more.  These energies are not distorted with competition, greed, fear, manipulation or dominance.  As a result, when you connect with them, they may feel very different than the way masculinity is portrayed in these modern times. Sunstone promotes working together and community in a way that puts the needs of the whole in front of the individual. In other words; What is good for the tribe is held in the highest regard.

Bringing forth pure masculine energies is important during this global unifying events. Especially the aspect that promotes keeping others in mind, as you personally move forward. Many believe the greatest shift that is occurring on the planet is a rebalance of masculine and feminine energies. This includes not only promoting more pure feminine energies, it is also minimizing the distorted masculine energies that have thrived on separation and dividing people. It is this later part that makes Sunstone is an ideal addition to this cocktail.

Amethyst is the third crystal for this cocktail combination. Amethyst is a potent Crystal for helping us to connect with our higher guidance and it is just as powerful for keeping us connected. It is this sustained connection that helps us to break patterns, habits, and addictions.

When we are connected to our own internal or higher guidance, we have the opportunity to see any limiting beliefs and judgements we hold of ourselves and others. This in turn helps us to understand the choices we make and the consequences of those choices. When we observe choices or behaviors from a higher perspective, we have the opportunity to set them down and to make new ones.


One final thought about Amethyst and why it is included in this cocktail. Whenever we are truly connected to our Higher Self, we automatically experience our connection to Oneness. This is how we are reminded that our personal expansion and increased awareness also expands All-That-Is. When we grow, Consciousness grows.

These are the crystals that will be used as part of the following visualization. However, there are many others that could be substituted. As always, if intuitively you feel called to a different combination of stones.., trust your own internal knowing.


Guided Visualization
(Guided Audio Walk-Through below)

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Make sure you will not be disturbed. If you have a meditation routine or posture, please use that. If not, ensure that your arms and legs are not crossed so that energies can flow throughout your body without restriction.

If you have the three crystals that are part of this cocktail, either place them near you, hold them or place them on your body. If you don’t have the crystals, focus on the image included with this meditation for a second and connect with them virtually.

When you are ready, begin by closing your eyes.

First connect with your breath. Notice your personal breathing cadence. Allow your breath to lead you to a state of relaxation.

As you connect with everything going on around you.., first notice where your thoughts attempt to distract you. Simply notice these thoughts and let them float by. Now notice which emotions are present. Which ones are the loudest.

When you can identify the loudest emotion that is vying for your attention.., see what it is made up of. What other emotions are present and part of the loudest one? Look for the layers of this overarching emotion. For instance…, anger is often made up of hurt, disappointment, sadness, etc. What other emotions are feeding the loudest one for you?

Once you have identified the loudest emotion and some of the others that are apart of it, ensure that you are now observing these emotions from a distance.

Notice where you feel them in your body. Are there physical sensations? Do different emotions affect you in different areas or ways.

Once you have distanced yourself from these emotions and are feeling them-without them being in charge… invite the properties of this Crystal Cocktail to wash over you and soothe your emotions. Allow the properties to target the Energy Centers of your body and to strengthen and increase your chakras and meridians.

Notice any color that seem to be apart of this healing. You can use the chart above to help understand what the various colors mean.

As you and the Fluorite, Sunstone and Amethyst work to soothe these emotional energies and your energy centers.., imagine a thick string or yarn coming from your chest…, Grab a hold of this string and begin to pull it gently away from you. This string represents past emotional woundings, trauma, pain, grief, overwhelm, etc.., that has been buried within the physical body. These too are up for healing and release.

Continue to pull on this string until it reaches a natural end and is completely outside your body. It is not important to remember or recall what any of the the experiences were or to figure out what they meant. Instead, celebrate that your connection with this global event has allowed you to release old stuck emotional energies that no longer serve you.

Virtually throw the string away.., as you no longer need it or the old emotional energies that it represents. Throw it into a fire to be burnt and released in the smoke.

Now – Invite your Higher Self to join you. Feel your connection to the infinite.., to everything around you. Ask your Higher Self to assist you in seeding and imaging a new bright future for humanity and the planet. Imagine the transformational qualities that are being created out of and from this virus and the global reaction to it.

Imagine that across the globe, any old stuck energies that feel out of control, distorted, or represent denial, violence or destructive behaviors are minimized. Send love and clearing energies to the systems and structures that have fed the distorted masculine. Include an energetic blueprint of a new way forward where these energies are not necessary for them to find success and belonging. Begin to Imagine a future where pure masculine energies are the norm and energies such as divisiveness, greed, fear-mongering, domination and violence are no longer acceptable. Imagine or see the healthy feminine blend and find a new balance and harmony as it encourages this new future. One that is made possible by the chaos created by a global crisis. Beauty born from challenge.

Take a few minutes to give texture, weight, volume, and warmth to all that you envision for this new emerging future.

When you feel complete.., allow yourself to slowly emerge from this relaxed state. Thank your Higher Self, the Crystals and all aspects of self for the shifts they are helping you to co-create by joining you in this blending.



I have included the following audio walk-through of the guided visualization if that helps.  It is about 11 minutes long.  Not a very high quality but I think it should do the trick!  – Charles
Click > icon below to listen to Guided Audio Visualization…

I Choose Kindness!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Seuss

Right now there’s a lot of panic and fear in the world, right? Are you feeling it? I’ve seen crazy posts of empty shelves for food staples, water, toilet paper, and sanitizing products. Lines have been reported to wrap around Costco and other retailers. It’s amazing what gets stirred up when fear takes hold isn’t it?

I’ve heard of people insisting they go to the front of the line when others have been waiting a longer time. I wonder what’s going through everyone’s mind. I know that in many cases these aren’t normal behaviors but in times of uncertainty fear can stimulate unusual behavior. Self preservation prevails. My intention this week isn’t to dwell on the fear, however. I would rather focus on being kind. read more…

I Choose Love – Not Fear!

Can you still feel all of the Lunar energies? March has a Super Worm Moon and the Vernal Equinox happening. Energetically the signs of Spring, new opportunities and growth present themselves. Can you imagine the ideas, dreams, and visions you’ve been holding as seeds that were planted in the Fall and been dormant during the Winter? Now is the time they will begin sprouting and ready to grow. This is an opportunity for each one of us to choose to nurture these seeds so that they can flourish and grow.

I’m asking myself right now, “Which of the seeds that are sprouting are the ones I’ve planted and which are ones that have been planted from the environment.” Sound strange? Think about how plants reseed on their own and with the help of our flying friends! I encourage some discernment during your centering, prayer and meditation practices. Be aware that the choices you make are yours! read more…