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Happy Thanksgiving!

How have you been this week? Every day is a new day, isn’t it? Looking ahead I realize Thanksgiving is here all of a sudden. I can’t believe how fast this year has flown. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I love to share it with family and friends. As I think of menus, shopping, and guests for Thanksgiving my heart hurts and goes out to those who have lost their homes in California and in some cases their lives. There are so many still missing.

I remember many years ago when I lived in Oakland, California, we lived through the Oakland Hills fire and were evacuated for 3 days. If the wind hadn’t changed late that day and the fire turned we would have lost our home too. Fortunately for us our home survived. 2500 other families weren’t as lucky. The community came together and helped the families that had to rebuild. I see that communities are coming together now as well. In times of crisis people come together. Differences are set aside. Compassion is felt and the question, “How can I help” prevails. So why bring this up now while getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving?

I feel so thankful for everyday I’m here and for the health and well-being of my family. Our children and their families still live in Northern California and although they live far from the fire the air quality is bad. Schools have closed briefly. The kids and their families are ok though and I’m thankful! Our friends in Southern California are ok including a family living in Malibu! read more…

Hold Space for Healing

Once again there is so much going on. Voting, shootings, protests, fires, division, smack talk and so much more. These are situations but what about the emotions? Anger, hope, joy, sadness, sorrow, loss and others. How have you managed through all of this? 

There is a great opportunity for healing isn’t there? Healing for the Earth, families, individuals, communities, our country and the world. How can we, as individuals, hold space for healing? Are you wondering?

What does it mean to heal? A healer is one who heals and to heal means to restore to a healthy condition according to Miriam Webster. Hmmm. Do you think of yourself as a healer? Does being a healer mean you must have a medical degree? For some types of healing a medical degree is necessary. For other types of healing you don’t. Think about your daily lives and the times you have helped someone that has resulted in healing either mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

Healing can happen through your words, intentions, prayers, touch, beliefs and just by listening to someone share their joy, concerns or grief. Remember the times you’ve reached out to someone who has told you that they’ve felt better after being with you. If you’ve ever offered comfort to someone who has experienced trauma you have helped their healing process. It doesn’t mean that immediately results are apparent as much as we would like to see them. The receiver of healing is always in control. Their openness and willingness to receive healing makes a difference.  read more…

Hold a Greater Vision

THOUGHTS MATTER, WORDS MATTER,  AND ACTIONS MATTER! This has been a very emotional week for many people including me. I feel like I’ve experienced a wide range of emotions that go from being happy to being  disillusioned and then shocked by such hate and violence. With mid-term elections coming Tuesday, November 6th, it seems the frenzy continues to escalate! It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy, isn’t it? I’ve asked myself every day, “What’s mine to do? How do I feel about what’s going on? How do I remain hopeful in spite of all of the misdirection and untruths? How can I still make a difference with integrity and love?”

That’s a lot to work through isn’t it? I would love to hear from you to see how you are handling it all. The way I’m dealing with it is to continue my daily practice of what’s worked for me for many years. Before I get out of bed I offer my gratitude for being alive, healthy, this Earth, my freedom to choose, and for my family and friends. Yep, I really do. Then I set my intention to make a difference in someone’s life that day! I never know how that will happen. Sometimes it comes by working with my clients in person or over the phone and sometimes it’s totally unexpected like being kind to a stranger. It really varies. 

Next I envision a world filled with peace, acceptance, compassion, love, beauty, and so much more! I hold a greater vision than is taking place in the moment! This ritual, so to speak, starts my day. Later I check in with my unseen friends and High Self for guidance and healing, if appropriate, for me and others. I find that this approach works for me. What’s your approach? read more…

Navigating Chaos

Hi there! I’m happy to be writing the blog again. I appreciate your support and love that Charles is honoring his personal journey right now. In last weeks’ blog Charles mentioned welcoming your thoughts about things you would like to hear about. I welcome your ideas and will do my best to respond. Another idea we are considering is having “guest bloggers” in the future. I will keep you posted as it unfolds. Please let me know if you are interested in being a “guest blogger”.

So much is happening this week that I wonder how you’re feeling? Notice, I asked, “How are you feeling rather than how are you doing?” Most of us are very good at doing and not feeling! It’s taken me a long time to feel more comfortable with and express my feelings! Oh my, it’s felt so uncomfortable feeling vulnerable but I’ve found it’s healthier for me! Have you felt this way too? 

The reason I ask is that with so much going on in the world right now chaos is everywhere. It seems that here, in the U.S., election passions have brought out weird behaviors. It’s easy to be affected by all of the energies that are swirling around us. Remember, we are all a part of the whole and come from the one Source! At our core we are all connected and not separate. So many have forgotten this. read more…

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