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Enjoy – Now Dance!

I was recently reminded how serious, focused and intense I can be! My corporate training and background certainly reinforced this and I found this behavior was rewarded. Today, not so much. Today, I recognize that living a more balanced life is more important. This doesn’t mean you can’t live in a balanced way while working for corporations. At the time I worked for one I found it more challenging since I was rewarded and recognized for my work successes. My conscious awakening had not begun! I began to learn and choose living with more balance after marriage and having a child. The journey of balance, celebrating, and having fun has been an amazing and at times a challenging one for me. Changing behavior isn’t always easy but along the way I’ve learned to be more self-accepting instead of judging myself when I fall back on old habits! LOL.

Let’s play for a minute. Imagine it’s the end of your work week. Close your eyes and engage your senses. First, bring your awareness into your heart space. Now, notice what you hear. Imagine hearing lively and uplifting music. Hear laughter and conversation all around you. People are sharing the joys and challenges of the work week. In fact, so are you! Imagine your friends or partner close by and feel the happiness and joy surrounding you. Maybe you’re at a restaurant, block party, or in your home. It doesn’t matter. Just notice how you feel as the tension of the long week melts away. Notice your body relaxing. Feel its’ sigh of contentment and happiness. read more…

Explore Your Inner World!

So many images and words continue to be shown of physically imprisoned migrant children, men and women. My heart hurts! My soul cries out at such inhumane  treatment. Why are people used in such inhumane ways to further political gain? Why is this considered acceptable by some? This shouldn’t be a political decision. It’s a humanitarian one. Do we remain silent or let our voices be heard? I continue to ask myself, “What’s mine to do and how can I contribute to the change that needs to take place?” Does the color of someone’s skin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs justify persecution and inhumane treatment? No way! Obviously there are others that do. For me this isn’t about politics. It’s about treating others humanely!

With my heart and soul feeling the suffering of so many this week I feel like I must share a few thoughts although I don’t have all of the answers. My intention is to shine some light on what we as individuals are being invited to explore beyond the obvious. I know that many of you are doing things to improve inhumane conditions that others are experiencing. Some of you volunteer, use your professional skills, vote, and make financial donations to name a few. There are things that we, as individuals, can do to affect change through our inner world as well. read more…

Choose Freedom!

Once again I find myself choosing to write about freedom! I know I’ve written on this topic in different ways before and yet it still feels appropriate to write about it again in light of the 4th of July celebrations this week. What an opportunity for each one of us to reflect and ask, “What does freedom or being free mean to me?”

For me it’s kind of hard to forget since the 4th of July is my birthday! LOL Although I will say as a kid I looked forward to the fireworks, birthday cake, and my mom always calling me her little firecracker! Yes, regardless of my age I was always her little firecracker! As I’ve progressed on my journey of awakening I look at the 4th of July differently.

I’m amazed at how many artists sing about freedom in a variety of ways. I’m reminded of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song; The Star Spangled Banner, our National Anthem; Freedom Songs by Beyonce, Jason Mraz, and Pharrell; Blackbird by the Beatles; Born in the USA by Bruce Springston; America the Beautiful; Freedom to Stay by Tina Turner; and Think by Aretha Franklin! These are just a few examples. Painters have also created paintings depicting victory and freedom. read more…

Hear Me Roar!

How do you think of yourself? Close your eyes for a moment and notice how you feel after you read these lyrics from Katy Perry, “‘Cause I’m a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar!” Hmmm. Sit with it for a moment. Notice the sensations you’re feeling. Do you feel good? Do you feel some resistance? Where do you feel the sensations in your body?

I was reminded of how courageous many of you are when I had my channeling evening with Luminus this week. I notice it each and every month but for some reason it feels right to share it now. Luminus is a group of beings/consciousness without form who are filled with unconditional love. As a Trance Channel, I enter into a semi-trance and vocalize them.

How often do you think about being courageous when you attend an event? Probably not very often, right? Why do I think of you as being courageous? You’re stepping into the unknown so to speak. There is never a theme for these evenings as they’ve evolved. The questions that are asked of Luminus are very personal. Some of you are there for the first time and yet you trust enough to be vulnerable and open to receive. I am grateful that such a safe environment is created that supports the courageous YOU! read more…

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