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Ride the Wave

Have you ever wondered about how external events affect you internally? Perhaps you realize that you’ve had a number of experiences that have a common theme. There’s a similarity of feeling or impact based on multiple situations that occur within a short time.

This has been happening for me a lot recently. I am in a state of awe over how many things are happening that feel aligned or even connected, although one may have nothing to do with another.

So a part of me started thinking about how to “ride the wave” of these energetically connected events. If there is all this magic happening that seems to support transformation or change, calmness or peace, confidence and decisiveness.., how do I maximize these opportunities. These external events that seem to be sharing a message.

Then it hit me… I have it backwards. read more…

Checked Out

I’ve checked out. I’m having a hard time staying focused on anything but my home. There is a lot of transition and transformation that is happening here in the space… so that is taking some focus and attention. But I still feel checked out from Storm Wisdom.

On the one hand I feel very fortunate because I have such an amazing and loyal team. They know what they’re doing, and in fact have managed the day-to-day operations for years! The business doesn’t need me there to function. I take care of the admin stuff, like accounting, planning/forecasting, and such. At the same time.., I have always enjoyed being in the space.

Right now., I am so distracted. I have a hard time being there for more than a couple of hours at a time. Places to go.., places to be. Distractions, distractions. read more…

You’ve Got This

As the earth and the entire human race shudder with the monumental shifts occurring, the pendulum seems to swing more dramatically back and forth from the darkness of isolation to the light of inclusion and connection. I believe the key to navigating these changes is to be willing to experience the full discomfort of the dark places, however briefly, and realize that though part of the experience, it is actually what is falling away , making room for a greater intimacy with each other and “All That Is”. read more…

Time is a Trickster

Time is acting strange! It is playing tricks on me. Sometimes it seems as if it is being extended or stretched. Then in the next moment, if feels like it is accelerating!

When I think about all that has happened recently, it seems as if most of it took place months ago. It must have been months ago, it seems so distant.

On the other hand, there are things coming up right now that make me wonder how they could have come up so quickly? When these events were first planned it seems like they were so far off in the distance. Yet here they are.

So as I do this dance with time, I find myself pondering the meaning. Why does it feel like time is playing tricks on me?

What I know for sure is that a couple of months ago (which seems like yesterday), I made a decision to stay “present”. The idea was to catch myself if my mind was running stories, plans or simply focused on the future.., and bring it back to the present moment. The same was true if I was replaying or obsessing about the past. read more…

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