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Calling ME Home

I was having a conversation with a dear friend this week when I found myself overwhelmed with emotions. Sadness, regret, and disappointment. The tears took me by surprise.., and so did the accompanying awareness.

I realized in that moment that so much of the personal and spiritual growth work I have done over the years has been about letting things go. Releasing old behaviors. Getting rid of old beliefs and biases. Clearing out the parts of me that were no longer aligned with where I saw myself going. Who I thought I was becoming.

I took pride in ridding myself of the old and outdated aspects of myself, that going forward, I was sure I would never need again.

Who knows how or why this particular conversation was such a strong catalyst for a new awareness. Who knows why it triggered a range of emotions that would make it almost impossible for me to speak. But in that instant I knew I had been betraying and shaming myself for being who I was… who I am.

I had this flash of knowing that it was time to call back all aspects of my past. To embrace the younger versions of me that didn’t know the answers; who struggled with identity; who made choices or decisions with limited or incomplete knowledge; who pretended to be someone or something they weren’t. read more…


I have been feeling like I’m wasting time. I have about three weeks before I leave. It seems as if I am just waiting. In the meantime being in this state of limbo, seems like watching the clock tick.

Limbo is uncomfortable. It goes against most of the messages we are given about who and how we’re suppose to be! We should be DOING something!

I am amused by this, as I have been focusing on staying present for almost a year now. Yet the more I think I am present, the more it also feels like I am waiting… for the future to arrive.

How do we simply stay in the moment without our minds playing games? How do we experience now, without triggering emotions?

On the one hand it feels like I should be getting prepared. I should be packing, shopping, taking care of details. But it’s too early to pack.., shopping for what.., what details..? My mind is on full alert… and wants me to hurry up. And wait. For what? read more…

Walk Into the Mystery

Last night was our 9th Anniversary Celebration at the store. It was awesome to see so many friends and clients and share a hug and a laugh. I really enjoyed myself… and also felt a stirring of something else.

Knowing that my next adventure is starting, in less than a month, was front and center. I could feel the excitement of that… But there was something else too. Perhaps a new awareness of something happening beyond “my plan”.

Many time throughout my life I have jumped into something for one reason, for something else to emerge. Whatever motivated me, was eclipsed by something more profound than I could have seen or imagined, before the experience began.

Just before Fito and I started dating, I had signed up for a year long program of workshops and retreats. My motivation was to help process and heal a previous relationship from a year or two before. I was so focused on figuring out why something went wrong or failed, that I couldn’t see that something new and even more significant was emerging. In fact I tried to sabotage and resist our relationship for the first 6 or 9 months. Simply because I was so focused on the past. read more…

9 Years Worth of Thanks

Let me start by saying THANK YOU!

If you are reading this, you have been part of Storm Wisdom’s journey! You are one of the reasons we get to have a three day celebration this coming weekend for our 9th Anniversary. We would not exist without you. From the bottom of my heart… Thank You!

Every year as these anniversaries approach I reflect of where I’m am.., and where Storm Wisdom is in its journey. This year I am very aware that we are a physical location. We are brick and mortar. We occupy space.

When I was starting this business… there was of course an awareness of creating a location. But back then it was much more conceptual… it was more about renting or leasing the space, designing and layout…, features and functions.

This idea of creating a destination based on a physical location was all in my head. Something that the reality of, probably would have been too stressful to bare. And trust me., at sometimes that is exactly how it’s felt… “to stressful to bare”.

Storm Wisdom came into existence during a very transformational time. Many business were going virtual. They were giving up the expenses of maintaining physical locations and going online. Many had to, in order to compete with Amazon and the technology trend of shopping online. read more…

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