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Something Seems Different

Last week I said “I’m not the same person I was when I left”. This week I continue to be aware of this as I re-enter and integrate back into day-to-day life.

It makes me wonder how many times in the past have I either rushed into something new without ever being aware of the shifts or changes; or avoided the call to something new altogether, because letting go of what was known was harder than stepping into a new unknown.

I find myself contemplating a situation or opportunity, only to realize I am having an internal dialog about what is present, and how I use to deal with or approach something. Not necessarily big things either. In fact many of them are small and mundane.

The best or simplest example is the food I eat. Most of us get into a routine or pattern of eating. There is nothing wrong with that. We go to the same restaurants or prepare the same meals. It is our comfort zone. Since returning, I’ve noticed that many of the food choices that were staples, simply are not doing it for me!

Some, when I think of them, I get this sinking feeling of resistance. They just don’t appeal to me. This is where the dialog comes in. I try to convince myself that it is a viable option, because it is a dish “I use to make”, or it is a restaurant where “I use to eat”. I try to justify that at least it is simple and doesn’t require time. Efficiency has always held sway for me!! read more…

A Fresh Start

Starting to write is harder than I thought it would be.  I have enjoyed the cathartic process of writing this weekly blog for over 9 years.  But a three month break has been pretty awesome too!  It has offered a level of freedom that was unexpected.  I am so grateful that Victoria was at a point in her own journey, that she was ready to reveal and share more of herself AND do it in the form of this weekly share.

Thank You Victoria!

I’ve been home for a couple of weeks now.  3 months in San Miguel was awesome and amazing.  Studying Spanish and living with a Mexican family along with other students was just what I was hoping for in many ways.  But I also realize I went with some faulty expectations.  Expectations that I didn’t even realize I had.

About half way through, one of the instructors indicated it would take about 6 months of schooling, practice and experience to really feel comfortable or fluid in a second language.  I realized when I heard him say it, that I was expecting that to happen in just 3 months!

After returning home, it’s pretty obvious that outside of the structure and context of going to school.., understanding, hearing and speaking Spanish on a daily basis is much more challenging than in the comfort of a classroom.  The classroom offered a great foundation.., but there is still so much to learn!  Thankfully Fito is a patient partner… who happens to love Spanish and languages in general!   read more…

I Am Grateful By Victoria Barna

Hi everyone! I’m sure that many of you have heard that our beloved Charles is back from his adventure!! I’m very happy for him and can’t wait to hear about his wonderful experiences and see what insights he shares. Welcome back Charles!!

So, this is my last Storm Wisdom Newsletter for now! I’m grateful to each one of you! Thank you for your love, feedback and support over the last three months. I’m grateful to Charles for trusting me to “fill in” for him, so to speak, although we all know that no one can take his place! LOL

As I wondered what I would write about it seemed so fitting to write about gratitude. Not only am I grateful for Charles’ trust I’m also grateful for the opportunity to begin writing again. Some of you know that I’ve written a number of channeled books, co-created with Michelle Radomski Mandela coloring books, and co-created a Numerology workbook with Gisela Arenas along with some meditation CDS. Those of you who create art, music, books, or other things may understand when I say that I haven’t felt inspired to write for some time. I’ve been on an amazing “inward” journey of meeting, accepting and loving self more! Does this make sense? read more…

The Gift of Receiving By Victoria Barna

Why is it so hard to receive from or ask for help from others? What do I mean? For many years I’ve always found it more comfortable to be the one giving or offering help to others. I’ve found it uncomfortable receiving gifts, compliments, and help. How about you? For me, it’s always been easier to be the one giving. In my client practice; relationships with other practitioners, friends and caregivers giving seems to be much easier than receiving for many of them as well. It’s more common than you might think. Why is that?

I feel like I’m much better these days about receiving but I notice there are times when receiving a compliment, for example, I’m still uncomfortable. In fact, I feel my body tighten up a little. Does this make sense? So I decided to do some inner reflection and see what insights would come up.

What I found are words that came up first. Control, independence, obligation, being strong, and image to name a few. Whew! Let’s explore them a little bit because I know that holding on to these words and the energy behind them can get in the way of being authentic. Words have power! I asked myself, “What do these words mean to me? What power have I given them?”

I believe that control can be an illusion. By that I mean that I have learned that the only thing I control are my choices and how I respond to the choices of others. I can’t control others. Through the years I’ve given a lot of power to “control”. So, I’ve chosen to let go of the illusion of control. I’ve made a choice to let myself be open to receive from others. I’m practicing more and more! LOL read more…

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