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Where Do You Put Your Energy? By Victoria Barna

I never know exactly what I’m going to write about as I begin a newsletter. I find that usually I end up following the energy of what’s going on in the world so to speak! Several things have come to mind this week. It seems like everyday brings something new and often unexpected. It’s a wonder that anything gets accomplished in the world these days or maybe that’s the point, right? Divert and distract and when you least expect it BOOM!! I find myself shaking my head and wondering why I feel at times like Alice in Wonderland! I even find myself saying, “I know that this isn’t the reality I’m creating!!” (LOL) I guess it really is part of my reality creation. However, the role I’m playing is definitely not under investigation or in the hot seat. How about you?

This morning while having breakfast with my husband we talked about energy and where we choose to put our focus. During our conversation I was reminded of several concepts that I’ve embraced through the years – “Where mind goes, energy flows from my Tai Chi and Qi Gong training; Thoughts become things from Mike Dooley; and we create our own reality from many metaphysical teachings I’ve studied!” It’s all about energy isn’t it? read more…

Freedom to Choose! By Victoria Barna

In light of the 4th of July holiday and all that it means I’ve been reflecting on Freedom and what it means to me! I grew up with my mom calling me “her little firecracker” since it is also my birthday! Growing up I thought everyone celebrated my birthday! LOL

Many people celebrate the 4th with family and friends. Picnics, parties, and fireworks are common. Is this what it means to be free? The United States is a country of diversity – people, beliefs, ethnicity, color, religion and so much more! Celebrating our independence is one way to express freedom!!

For many years I’ve ignored the news but lately I’ve found it helpful to stay in touch with what’s going on in the world. I’m aware that much of what we see and hear is filtered and often biased. I think of what is going on in the world as a reflection of what’s happening in our inner world too! I’m amazed at how easy it is to become distracted often neglecting to take time to ask, “How is this distraction serving me now? How does it impact my freedom to make choices?” read more…

Actor or Director? By Victoria Barna

I have to say that this week has been another eye opener for me. I’ve felt almost physically attacked with expressed strong feelings of hate, discord, distrust, sorrow at how people treat one another, lack of empathy or sympathy, and people lying to further their own gain. My heart hurts. What does that say about humanity? Many of you feel energies of others and may be reeling too! How can these turbulent times be navigated when so much is out of our control? 

For me, it really is about conscious choice and conscious living. I can enter the drama and become one of the Actors or create a new story/reality to enter and become the Director. What will it be? Please understand that for many years I mastered the art of “stuffing” my emotions. That didn’t work so well (LOL). read more…

What Are You Feeling? By Victoria Barna

Another week of emotional ups and downs, right? Once again, many opportunities to be distracted and choose sides – or not! So many metaphors have shown up for me. Borders, separation, questionable choices being made about children and families, political posturing, divisiveness and on and on. Whew!! So easy to feel overwhelmed, depressed, and hopeless! So I’ve taken many deep breaths, lol, and asked, “What is mine to know about all of this right now? How does it apply to me?”

I’ve been deeply touched and felt so many emotions of sympathy, sorrow, incredulity, and wondered how I was going to navigate this landscape in a more positive and productive way. I noticed that I could sink deeper into the emotions and in the extreme I could feel hopeless and numb or I could “feel” the emotions and release them in a healthy way, accepting me and what I was feeling.  read more…

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