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Choice is Mine!

What is it about having choices that feels so empowering? Hmmm. I’m reminded of a book that I wrote and published in 2007 entitled Choice, A Simple Way to Peace. I wrote it as Emily, a young teenager, who woke up one morning and began to ask questions like, “What will the world be like when I step into my future? Who can I turn to for answers?” Sound familiar?

These questions have come up again, for me, as I listen to lawmake passing bills that, if upheld, take away women’s and human rights. I promise that this is not meant to be political. As a woman; however; I find it chilling that this is even on the table for consideration. I understand that a lot of underlying fear drives some of this restrictive behavior. For me, it triggers a feeling of dread. I understand that I can move through this dread, a perceived loss of personal freedom, and once I’m through it I will be able to see a new and more positive reality.

When I wrote the book Choice over twelve years ago I noticed that many of the same concerns voiced by Emily are still prevalent now! She realized that the only way for things to change was for each person to change. “Peace begins within” as Thich Nhat Han reminds us. For something to change in our environment we must first change within ourselves! In other words, if I don’t change then how can I expect others around me to change? read more…

The Gift of Flowers

I hope all of you who celebrate Mother’s Day enjoyed a beautiful day whether you’re considered a “traditional” or “un-traditional” mother! I applaud and celebrate all of you!

As I think about Mother’s Day I remember my mom. Through the years we had our disagreements but I always knew she loved me and was there for me. She passed 2 years ago and I find myself thinking and remembering her when I least expect it. I miss her physical presence although she remains in my heart and memories. I also think about my role as a daughter and mom. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t find a “how to be a successful daughter or mom” book. LOL I looked to others and the maps they created to make it easier for me. There were times that I made my own. I realize that dwelling on the past looking at things that I would do differently is not realistic. Rather, learning from the past and being aware of the choices I make now is what’s important.

As I talk to friends I realize that there are many ways that moms are celebrated! Sending and receiving flowers is one of them. To me, flowers have a language of their own. I love to receive flowers and when I receive them I feel happy! In fact, I like to receive them all year long and have them blooming in my garden as often as possible! There doesn’t have to be a special occasion! LOL read more…

Think or Feel?

Are you a “thinker” or a “feeler”? Years ago I was asked to notice how many times I say, “I think and I feel”. It was an eye opener for me. I found that when I communicated I said, “I think more than I feel”. I was encouraged to begin to lean more into feeling. I’m not saying to stop thinking! For many of us it’s how we process. My journey of being more in touch with my emotions began at that point. So why am I sharing this with you now?

Since then I’ve learned that emotions are what’s real and suppressing them can often create disharmony in our physical bodies. Having spent many years working for an international company I learned it was more acceptable to use logic and reason when expressing myself. My “thinking” self developed very large muscles, so to speak, and in turn carried over into how I always communicated! Until I was asked to notice how many times I said “I think” versus “I feel” I was unaware.

Once again, I was reminded this week how important it is to express how I feel after reading a quote from Maya Angelou who said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I sometimes listen to Today’s Country on Pandora and it came up again when I heard Ed Sheeran singing about feelings through his lyrics, “How would you feel. . .?” I know there are many artists who sing and write about feelings and I’m sure you know a few. Hmmm. . .think or feel? read more…


I’m reminded of Kool and the Gang’s song lyrics, “Celebrate good times, come on! It’s a celebration. . .” Storm Wisdom is celebrating 10 years of serving the community! WooHoo! As I sat with what to write this week I couldn’t ignore this beautiful celebration. What does this celebration mean to me? There are two things that come to mind.

First, it brings back memories of meeting Charles, Storm Wisdom’s owner, before the store opened. 10 years ago Gisela and I were facilitating an Intenders Circle at Angel’s Serenity in Phoenix. Charles attended. After the event ended that evening Charles told us about his new store, Storm Wisdom a crystal gallery, that would soon be opening. He invited us to stop by and see the space. Both of us were in the process of leaving A Peace of the Universe at the time so we said, “Yes, we would love to see it.”

A few days later I still remember looking at the vacant interior through the the glass door at Storm Wisdom. As Charles showed us inside and explained his vision for Storm Wisdom, including having practitioner spaces, I felt excited! It was that day that the journey with Charles and Storm Wisdom began for both Gisela and me. Charles asked us if we wanted to work there and without hesitation we both said, “Yes!” read more…

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