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While I was on vacation I found something amazing! It is the piece of pipe you see in the picture above with the Calcite growth inside. Let me tell you a little bit about it!

There is a natural geyser is Calistoga, CA. There are also a number of natural springs that are home to some amazing spas, offering mud baths, steam treatments, scrubs, massage, soaks and more. One of these spas uses the water from the geyser to feed its natural mineral bath. The water is piped from the geyser to this location.

What you are looking at is a small section of one of the pipes that is used to direct the flow of water to the spa! The mineral content of the water is so high, that these Calcite crystals form and then grow – quickly. So quickly that they have to replace the pipes (3 different sizes and this is the largest) every nine months to a year! read more…


By the time you read this my 10 day vacation will be over. My adventure in California is in the past, and it is time to once again get focused. Where I am going and what we are doing is once again becoming the priority.

But I am resisting that. I am tired of trying to plan and plot a course into some unknown future. I feel drained of ideas. Each attempt to view down the path feels uninspired. As if it is a rehash of something already tried or a road already traveled.

There is a uneasiness about this time. A questioning. A resistance to more of what has been. I wish I could say I feel like something new wants to emerge. But that would simply be me saying what I think I am suppose to say. The truth is ‘nothing’ is what is on my mind.

While I was away, I disconnected from my own day-to-day life. I shut off the routine I know so well. I forgot about the duties and obligations of running a small business. Of paying bills, planning events, and setting priorities and projects in motion. read more…

Soul Star & Earth Star – Revisited

I am on vacation in Northern California… so this week I want to re-share one of our most popular posts from the archives, with just a couple of minor updates.


Soul Star & Earth Star

There is something about this time of year and all the possibilities that are presenting themselves. It is something that awakens the dreamer inside.

This makes it an ideal time to work with the energy centers that are located just outside your physical body. There is one above your head, which some call the “Soul Star”, because it connects you to your Soul’s purpose. It is where we connect with all “Possibilities” for this lifetime. Any possible futures we want to create are seeded through this energy center. Think of it as the magician’s hat. Anything you can imagine (and beyond), can be pulled from this hat and become part of what you are creating.

Imagine this energy center (or chakra), being about 6″ to 8″ above your head. It is always there, and it is what connects you (and your Higher Self) to Soul, which is where we are one with All-That-Is, the Divine, God or the Universe. We never lose this connection, even when sometimes it feels hard to access. read more…

Where We Go From Here

There are so many choices I have made in my life, that at the time, were motivated by one thing. Only later, to discover that the real payoff was something else. Something that my busy plotting mind could never have projected or predicted.

In every case, the end results or impact has been so much greater than anything I could have imagined! Perhaps this is one of the reasons I have always felt guided and blessed. I have begun many journeys with a destination in mind, only to surpass what my limited vision could imagine at the start.

One past example that comes to mind was over 30 years ago now. I was a fairly new manager in the corporate world. I was pretty young compared to many of my peers. I had a hard time relating to their authoritarian style. “Facilitative” management was an approach that was emerging at the time. I thought this would be a better fit for me. read more…

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