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Stay Present – Going with the Flow

StayPresentLife is very interesting these days. So much is happening and it has a tendency to feel busy. Yet it also feels a bit more calm.

So the question is… which is more mellow.., life or me?

There are a lot of crazy-making situations or circumstances everywhere. But they don’t seem to be triggering or getting me hooked. Instead, I seem to be “going with the flow”! Which although this is something I aspire to.., I am not always that good at! I seem to want to predict, manipulate or (attempt to) control outcomes! ‘Going with the flow’ frequently happens by accident! At least for me. read more…

Bathed in Beauty

BathedBeautyBeauty is anything that gives us a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. One of the most amazing things about the inspiring and thought provoking effects of beauty is that it can be completely unique and different for each one of us.

Our experience of, or what we find beautiful morphs and evolves over time. Spending a bit of time contemplating beauty can be a very eye-opening experience. Recognizing the beauty we are drawn to, frequently provide a quick realization of where we are in our personal transformation.

And when I say beauty I mean people, place and things…, and also, the energetics of beauty. How something feels, even if what we experience with our five physical senses would not normally lend itself to that description. But then again.., as they say – “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”. read more…

Taking My Hands off the Controls – Emotional Dexterity

HandsOffThis past week I hosted our annual staff appreciation dinner! Every year we gather to celebrate the year that has past and to look forward to the one in front of us. Every year the same thing happens for me. I am filled with gratitude.

And as much as gratitude is a part of my life, I realize I also have it connected to a control switch. Meaning, if it feels like I am too grateful, it will trigger something that disrupts my gratitude. Or, that if I am grateful all the time.., my gratitude is diminished. So I attempt to keep my gratitude dialed into an acceptable range! Oh my…

Now mind you, this is not all the time. But I catch myself doing it frequently enough that it puzzles me. I know better! Of all the generating energies we can embody, gratitude is probably the most potent. When we embrace and lean into our gratitude it expands and so does our ability to imagine, envision and create. So the more we are aligned with our gratitude, the easier it is to manifest and actualize our goals and desires. read more…

Give Your Inner Critic a Break

BeGentleFor the second week in a row I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy, someone I admire, sharing their unique view of spirituality and mindfulness. This time it was Sarah McLean, founder of the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Hay House Author and friend.

She was sharing some of the motivation, experiences and insights that influenced her latest book ‘The Power of Attention’. I was reminded once again why I have always been so inspired by her methods for teaching and leading meditation. It is always based in self-care and compassion.

Just hearing her speak again was a reminder that a meditation practice is not about getting it right or perfecting it. It is about how meditation is a gift that we give ourselves. It is about taking care of ourselves. Meditation has many scientifically based benefits…, and it shifts our resourcefulness as we navigate the rest of our lives. It does this by helping us respond to whatever life throws our way, versus just reacting to it. read more…

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