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In Gratitude!

I’m reminded of a quote from Rumi, “Today, let us swim wildly, joyously in gratitude.” It serves as a reminder to BE in each and every moment in gratitude. It doesn’t matter if one moment is challenging I’m reminded that the next one can be different. It’s a choice and one that is mine to make. Sometimes in a moment of challenge it is often difficult to see another way.

As I imagine swimming wildly and joyously in gratitude I close my eyes and allow myself to “feel” a greater sense of joy and freedom – a greater sense of peace. Yes, I even imagine a big smile on my face and a lightness in my heart. This has been a particularly challenging week for me personally – loving, supporting, and being present for a loved one who was in the hospital. While there I experienced a full range of emotions that included love, impatience, fear, helplessness, hope, and gratitude to name a few.

For me, this has been a time of surrender; trusting others to do their part; and knowing and accepting what was mine to do. I developed a greater respect for caregivers and learned to practice better self-care. I realize that in order to support and help someone else I have to be the best I can be. It’s too easy to deny this. As I’ve talked to others who have experienced similar situations with loved ones recently they agree that there is a balance that’s needed. Once you become depleted helping someone else is difficult. This means checking in periodically to see how all of your bodies – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are reacting and responding. It’s not helpful if you move into martyrdom or become a victim, right? read more…

Lean Into Surrender and Trust More!

“For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Lately, it seems that my journey and growth opportunities have been all about surrender and trust. I mentioned last week that a family member has been experiencing a health issue for almost a month. During this time I’ve felt fear, uncertainty, helplessness, love, worry, frustration, and gratitude. In other words my emotions have had highs and lows! I’m sure that many of you have been through similar situations.

Being unable to control the outcome of this situation has been challenging for me to say the least. I’ve had moments where I’ve said, “Let’s get this show on the road! It’s time!” It made me feel good to say it although it didn’t change things. LOL Of course, I recognize that I’m not in charge! Do you know what I mean? I’ve also had moments where I could laugh at myself, breathe deeply, move into my heart and feel grateful for the moment and presence of my loved one. Lean into surrender and trust more! read more…

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I hope your long Labor Day holiday is safe and fun! I’m sitting here in Arizona with triple digit temperatures and find it hard to imagine the swirling hurricane named Dorian approaching the southeastern part of the country. If any of you are traveling to or have family and friends preparing for its impact I’m sending lots of love to you!

So much has happened this week that seems unexpected. For me, one thing in particular stands out and it’s related to health. Why? I have a family member and friend who are addressing some health issues. When I heard that immigrants that are here seeking medical treatments not available in their own countries and are facing deportation regardless of their condition, I was stunned! Many of the people affected are children! I wonder, “Who’s in charge and who’s responsible for making decisions like these?”

Who ya gonna call? Who’s responsible and accountable? Living more consciously, responsibly, and being accountable for our choices is key as we continue to grow personally and expand consciousness. read more…

We Are Visitors!

My reflections this week have taken me in an interesting direction. I suppose it’s a result of seeing pictures of the melting ice in Greenland and the Arctic as well as the fires in the Amazon. Have you been affected as well? I asked myself, “Why have I felt the impact of these so strongly?” On the surface the answer seemed easy. I found the destruction unbelievable. The impact on the earth, environment, air quality, water, animals, nature, and humanity are far reaching for many years to come and many are irreversible. “It’s real”, I reminded myself.

As I sat with this more I began to see my role in a deeper way – my role as a steward of these resources. After all, my time here on the earth is limited and so are the earth’s resources. We are all visitors. Yes, we may continue to return as we volunteer to assist in the evolution of consciousness but the present is now and what’s real! So, what can we do?

I was struck by a quote from Wendell Berry, an American Novelist, poet, essayist, environmental activist, cultural critic, and farmer,“. . .the care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.” I wondered, “How much do I take the earth for granted?” I felt his words deeply as I reflected on the destruction that’s occurring right now. Some is created by human beings and some is attributed to changes in our climate. read more…

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