CreatedByTheFutureOne of the spiritual concepts that sometimes gets my mind all twisted up is that the future creates the present! For many years it seemed to me that our pasts were what determined the present. But not so!

Our pasts influence and flavor our present. This happens all the time, especially when we are not being conscious. Beliefs, behaviors, habits, preferences, etc., all influence how we experience the present.

But it is the future that creates the present moment. Of course we align ourselves with probable futures by allowing our imagination to feed images and ideas to them. (oftentimes based on past experiences!). Like I said, it can all get a little convoluted or confusing.

But here is my current example.

I decided to start teaching again. This time the focus is on the principles of ‘Intentional Living’. At Storm Wisdom we live and breathe these principles everyday. However, just recently I have been inspired to share these concepts and philosophies. To create conversation and dialog around them so that we might take them a little deeper.

I had not said anything to anyone about where we will begin.., but I’ve known I wanted to start with the principle of ‘Owning Your Authority’. There are several reasons this particular starting point feels right. But I didn’t feel the need to predefined this. The conversation will go where it wants to go… I trust that.

However, what is coming up for me is that by simply choosing that as a starting point, I am now being inundated by experiences around what it means to own my own authority. The actual series kicks off in about two weeks. Yet, I am living it now. Simply because I am connected to that future. One that was only a possibility a month ago.

Now that it is a probability.., I am attracting things into the present that will influence, inspire or deepen this experience. The future creating the present.

intentionallivingHave you ever had that experience? You know.., you sign up for a workshop or class that is a month or two away. It is a topic you are interested in… and you begin to look forward to the event. THEN when you get there, it feels like they have been watching your life. Everything that is being discussed is what is current in your life. You have been doing the “pre-work” for the workshop without even knowing it.

It started the day you signed up for or committed to the workshop!

There are people who have already signed-up or registered for the first in the series on Intentional Living! I can’t wait to see how many of them have current examples of how “owing their authority” is showing up in their life. Even if they don’t (or didn’t!) know that would be our first area of conversation! I bet many of them are having their own experiences, because they are choosing a probable future where owning their Authority plays a part.

All of this is to say… this week I have been aware of the principle of ‘Staying Present’. AND at the same time, how everything is created by the future.

With Light, Love, and Laughter