AMovingShipI am beginning to realize that there are two stages of self-change.  The first is the awareness or learning stage.  The second stage is adaption or integration!  AND… Sometimes I suck at the second stage!

Everyone around me is continually talking about how fast time is moving these days.  I’m part of this group who is experiencing how rapidly things are shifting and changing and what this does to distort the passage of time.  A constant state of flux, sometimes experienced as chaos; plays tricks on the mind and seems to accelerate time.  Weeks seem like days.

We are being bombarded with new information, insights and concepts that have us engaged in the creation of our life or lives.  Some of it we dismiss, a bit more we decide to delay and the rest we attempt to integrate into our already full existence(s).

If you are like me, something happens in your day – a reflection; an insight; a revelation.  You realize that this is a piece of learning that you have been searching or waiting for.  An insight into a situation, behavior, tendency or challenge that you have been wanting to change or modify in some way.  One of those ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Something clicks.  You can see how this new information could shift and change many aspects of your life.  You see the patterns that have kept the old you treading water, or feeling like you’re swimming up stream.  Suddenly the way forward seems obvious.  You make a new choice and choose to change.  You fully embrace this new awareness!  You are committed to this first stage of self-change!

Then the 3-D world we live in bombards you with logistics, tasks, timelines and requirements!  The next thing you know, days or weeks have past by, and you realize that this same awareness you swore you were going to integrate or embrace; is back again.  You know the rightness of it, and once again recommit to the self-change you know is in alignment with who you are becoming! You are committed to this first stage of self-change (again)!!

This appears to be the cycle of my life these days!  Oh I change; eventually!  However, it is as if the Universe has to remind me over and over again, of the lesson I thought I learned.  It seems like I am really dense and these things take a long time to penetrate.

Or is it that the second stage of self-change is where my real challenge is?  I give myself a hard time for being slow to learn.  But the truth is I am slow to integrate!  I imagine most of us are.  We have busy, full lives.  Most of us spent years designing, building and reinforcing the circumstances of our day-to-day world.

So..,maybe instead of giving myself a hard time about being slow to learn,  I could appreciate that frequently it takes time to change the course or direction of a moving ship.

With Light, Love, and Laughter