ActivityCenterInspired.  That is how I feel.  I know it is cliche to start anew at the beginning of a new year; but this doesn’t feel like any resolution I have ever made in the past.  In fact, I kind of let go of the idea of resolutions a few years ago.

Instead, it feels like emerging from period of rest and reflection, revitalized and ready to go.  And one of the things about this emergence that I am loving, is that I don’t feel the need to ‘upset the apple cart’ or start all over with something completely different!  (Been there, done that!)

Energetically it feels as if I have been reminded of what I am up to and why. With that comes insights into ways to do this simply; with ease and joy.  The best part?  I am inspired to do more of what I love!

SO… One of the first things you will notice the next time you come into Storm Wisdom, is that the place looks different!  We have removed several large displays/fixtures and replaced them with smaller ones, some that are mobile.  Many of the new displays are vintage or reused/reclaimed pieces that are actually for sale… That is another story.

The biggest motivation for all the changes you will see, is for us to be able to create an ‘Activity Center’. A multi-purpose space, where on the weekends we can host in-store events that focus on Intentional Living.  An I am very excited for this.

I was inspired by a sign outside of Home Depot, where they were offering a demonstration on “How to cut tile”.  I am sure they have been doing this all along.  However for some reason it struck me just recently, how ideal this format would be for us!

One of our main focuses, is how to support our clients and friends with being more intentional about the way they/we live our lives.  Creating activities, events and demonstrations on how to do this with crystals, art, sage, human design, flower essences, energetic mists, mandalas, pendulums and much more will be so fun.

We have created an area in the back of the store where we will be able to gather and do this.  The idea is that these events will be interactive and hands-on.  They will also be free (unless there is a materials charge that would be pre-announced).

These event will be hosted initially on weekends (Saturday or Sunday), during normal store hours.  This means that there can and will be people in the store shopping while the events are happening. The in-store music will be playing, phones will ring… And workshops and lectures may be happening in the group space!  All of this is to say.., these will be more casual and spontaneous events where the inner-workings of the store will add their own flavor to the experience!

It feels right to me.  A back-to-basics approach with a focus on making the tools and practices we use more practical.., doable.

You can see from the image above that the first two will be on the 16th of this month.  One on crystals, the other on Numerology.  If you would like to participate in either of them, simply call the store (602 334-1204) to register, or show-up.  We will be putting together a schedule that is available as a handout.  And will try and determine the most effective way to communicate what is coming up for you.
I hope you will join us.  In the meantime… Wish me and the others good luck as we launch this and other new changes in 2016!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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