“There is beauty to be found in the changing of the earth’s seasons, and an inner grace in honoring the cycles of life.” Jack Kornfield, American author and Vipassana meditation teacher

We’ve just experienced the Summer Solstice – leaving Spring and welcoming summer. Seasons have changed, once again, and we have another opportunity for introspection, reflection, and opportunity to make life changes while the earth is preparing for her next season. We can enjoy the beauty of the flowers, nature, and fruits and vegetables that are ready to eat. A new seasonal chapter is unfolding. These seasonal changes remind me of the changing seasons in our professional and personal lives as well.

Recently I’ve had the beautiful gift of welcoming a new granddaughter. Witnessing her innocence, strength and dependence has been amazing. We are grateful that we were able to spend time with her, our youngest son and daughter-in-law. Being with them reminds me of how relationships have their own seasonal changes. There’s a beautiful opportunity to begin a new chapter of life as a family. Honoring and celebrating this cycle of life is important as their new chapter and ours unfolds. C.S. Lewis, British author and lay theologian, reminds us that “Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story no one on earth has ever read, which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.” Their new chapter and ours is one that hasn’t been read before. I’m excited to see what we create! We have blank pages!

Another new chapter is unfolding for each one of us as our experience with COVID changes. After a year or more of ‘staying home’ restrictions lifting I’ve been asking, “What do I want to change in my life and am I willing to change?” I know it will be different. Not good or bad, just different. We are the authors of our own life novels. Choices that we make and how we respond to the ones made by others contribute to our experience and the content of our chapters. I’m excited to see how mine unfolds! How about you? 

I remind myself that if something doesn’t work I can always change it. Through the years I’ve learned to let go of my ‘perfectionist’ tendencies. They still appear once in awhile, I recognize them, I acknowledge them and then stop and say, “This is good enough!” I laugh at myself a lot. Paul Coelho, Brazilian lyricist and novelist has a beautiful reminder for each one of us whether you are a perfectionist or just reluctant to begin writing that new chapter for whatever reason. He says, “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” So true. You can’t go wrong when you follow your heart. Imagine your new chapter unfolding from the depth of love within your heart. You can’t go wrong! How will your new chapter unfold?

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