I am making a bunch of changes… but not because I have a problem. And it is this last piece that has me thinking.

I wonder if my mind naturally wants to turn life into problems?

It seems to me that I am more motivated to change when I think something is wrong. I am quicker to act when I don’t want or like something, then to change out of a desire for something I do!

This is true in every area of my life too. As someone who tends to compartmentalize, this, in and of itself, is quite eye opening. I am just as likely to make changes because I am unhappy with my health, relationships, work, finances, or even home or personal interests!

It’s time for a new perspective! How about doing something simply because that is what I want?

Instead of getting healthier because I don’t feel healthy… do it because I like feeling of being in tune with my body. Instead of saving money because I don’t like feeling broke… do it because it feels good to have a cushion. Instead of figuring out new product lines or services because revenue isn’t where I think it should be, find cool new products because it is fun.

I realize what I am talking about here is all semantics. But our words and our thoughts are powerful. They are the foundation of what we build our lives on… they trigger what we create. Even though most of the time, subconsciously, we’re not even aware that is what is happening.

The majority of time, if I am motivated by something that I don’t want…, that means I am creating from fear, lack, scarcity, disappointment, etc…

On the other hand, if joy, desire, contentment, abundance and excitement were the building blocks in my reality creation.., what would that be like?

We manifest. It’s what humans do. And if we are not manifesting what we want, it is probably because we are starting off focused on the wrong reason or motivation! We may be choosing the right recipe, but substituting the wrong ingredients or using faulty measuring devices.

I say it is time to change, create and manifest from the perspective of what we want. Not, what we don’t want! Now that’s a recipe I can live with.

With Light, Love, and Laughter