“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” HRH the Dalai Lama

How was your holiday? I hope you enjoyed your celebrations. In addition to the 4th of July we had a beautiful Super Moon on July 3rd. Some of you may know it as a full ‘Buck Moon’. Energies that appeared along with those supporting freedom and independence included: more clarity, desire to accomplish goals and let go of negativity. Some of you may have felt emotional but recognized that being intentional and focused served you better. Patience was cautioned.

Wow! How confident did you feel this week? Did you want to seek input from other people more than usual? Was there any desire to have someone else make decisions for you? If so, you may have been more sensitive than usual to the Lunar and universal energies. Don’t worry! Remember how far you’ve come on your journey of self-awareness and personal growth. Remember how much of the power you’ve given to others you have taken back! Remember how confident you’ve become and how you’ve learned to trust yourself more! Remember how sensitive you are and can feel energy and its influence. Remember to ask, “Is what I feel mine or does it belong to someone else?” If it’s not yours then intentionally release it!

What does your heart desire? Don’t rush and feel like you’ll never receive it. Wait for more clarity leaning into your self-confidence and ability. Imagine, visualize, engage your senses and you create your intention. You may want to create a vision board with pictures, affirmations, and words to make it more real for you. Activist and politician Nelson Mandela has said “Live life as though nobody is watching, and express yourself as though everyone is listening.” Your potential is limitless as you open to receive more of it. Let your confidence blossom. Remember that your thoughts, beliefs and words are powerful and matter. Remember how far you’ve come on your journey. You are not the person you were yesterday or a week ago! You are more.

This is a great time to believe in yourself more. Take a few minutes each day to quiet your thoughts, deep breathing helps, and check in. Ask, “Who am I now? How do I feel about myself? Do I believe and trust that I’m strong and confident enough to create the life that I want? Am I enough? Are there others that I can ask for help?” Professor and author Brené Brown has said “Believing that you’re enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic.” Remember that you are deserving and enough!

Are you confident enough to believe that you are?

I’m holding space for you as you navigate this week. I’m interested to hear if you’ve felt any energy shifts as you focus on yourself! Remember to hydrate more than usual with these high temperatures. Stay cool. I’m sending each one of you lots of love.

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