Have any of you thought about what being free or freedom means to you this week? I have. Throughout my life there have been times when I know that I’ve taken freedom for granted. More and more I’m grateful for being free to choose, vote; share my ideas and opinions; go to school, work, travel, help others, love, be loved; live where I want to live; and believe what I want to believe. These are some of the freedoms that are important to me. I’m grateful!

I observed the honoring of Veterans who lost their lives during the Battle of Normandy this week and my heart and soul were touched at a deep level. I thought of my dad who wasn’t at Normandy but served on a Merchant Marine ship in the Pacific during World War II. Like some soldiers, during this war, he convinced his dad to lie about his age in order to serve. Protecting the country, our freedom, and helping our Allies was key.

I was also reminded of several friends and acquaintances who were drafted or volunteered for the draft during the Vietnam war. Some returned and some did not. One of my brothers was stationed in South Korea while tensions rose with North Korea. I know that I’m not unique. Many of you have friends and family members who have served as well. The reasons behind these wars hasn’t always been clear. And yet, we continue to send troops around the world helping others protect their freedoms and ultimately ours.

I thought about our founding fathers and those who fought for freedom as the United States and Democracy was created. I remember the Civil Rights movement and the freedoms that were so valiantly gained.

As I reflected on freedom and what it means to me this week I became more aware of actions that are being taken to restrict or diminish some of our freedoms in the United States. Freedoms gained by others giving their lives. This is troubling and another sign of things being torn apart in order to suppress and maintain power over groups that are different or threatening. Whew! It definitely doesn’t feel good to think that some of these freedoms can be taken away. During these chaotic times I understand that I have a choice to succumb to fear and give my power away to others or lean into hope and love and keep my power – becoming more and more self-empowered and making conscious choices to ensure that my freedoms continue to be honored.

I believe that we are being invited to be clear about what we value and cherish. This is part of our Spiritual journey as well – letting go of illusion and returning home to LOVE. We can follow those who have courageously gone before us through eons of time. Those who have dreamed of something bigger and better. Those who have stepped into the unknown whether they wanted to or not. Those who followed their conscience and heart in order to make their choices. Those who fought to maintain freedom! 

Now, I’m not suggesting that the answer is to use violence or guns. What I suggest is to hold a vision, dream big, use your imagination, and feel what it feels like to be free! Take some individual and quiet time and bring your awareness into your heart space and ask, “What does freedom mean to me and what actions are mine to take so that I can remain free?” The answers will vary for each one of you. Choose the ones that appeal to you and that you are willing to claim.

I believe that “being free” truly comes from within me. It is up to me to claim it unapologetically; speak my truth; make conscious choices and be accountable for them; to love and receive love; and help others in ways that I feel good about. Anything is possible! I choose to be free!

Please join Gisela and guest practitioner, Shirley Belluche, from Northern California for an evening of powerful healing with the Messengers of Light through unconditional love on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, from 6:30 – 8:30p, at Storm Wisdom. I will be out of town but with you in spirit!