Today, as I was collecting the content to put in this newsletter, the featured meditation that came up was “Be Grateful”.

How perfect, as today we were celebrating our 15th Anniversary of being in business.

Our day at the store was a blast.  Old and new friends shared in the magic of celebration.  Many sharing stories of what Storm Wisdom and the community we’ve build has meant to them.  I have to say my heart was warmed and felt very satisfied.

At the same time, I could feel the part of me who was having a hard time receiving the recognition.  Wanting to play it down or minimize my contribution to this glorious adventure.

It is easy for me to acknowledge the amazing women, Gisela, Millie, and Jamie who manage and run the store everyday.  They always put Storm Wisdom, our clients, customers and friends first.  They are heart of Storm Wisdom.

Together we are an amazing team.

I  thought about all of the beautiful stories and memories that were shared today.  I also thought about the feedback or advice I would offer to anyone who was shying away from their personal power or accomplishment.

I realized, I don’t want shy away from my part in creating this really cool crystal shop.  I love everything about Storm Wisdom. I am glad I followed the internal guidance and vision all those years ago.  I am happy to have been of service and support to so many by simply offering a unique space to BE.  I am blessed to have created such an amazing family.

Thank you for being part of the Storm Wisdom family and community.  I truly am humbled and grateful.  Tonight, as the day winds down, I will listen to this weeks featured meditation.  I am and will “Be Grateful”.