My journey of personal growth and expanding awareness has been amazing, exciting, and surprising at times. It’s been a journey of remembering, conscious awakening and choosing to keep going. I think of it as a journey of going Home! Home? Yes, a journey back to God/Goddess/All That Is or Source! Does that mean you have to leave the planet to go Home? I don’t believe so. 

An image that comes to mind is an onion. There are layers and layers of illusion, habit, beliefs, promises, contracts, agreements, or vows that get shed as we live more consciously and remember who we are! As the layers are shed we draw closer and closer to our true nature – that which is Source and Love!

I believe that our core essence, life force or some may call it Soul, is Source. Our physical bodies house our beautiful eternal essence/Soul which is a spark of Source! Our journey Home is remembering this. This awareness and feelings of what unconditional love feels like can occur during meditation or prayer while you are still here on Earth. Does this make sense?

Many clients I see ask, “How do I become more spiritual?” My response is, “You are already spiritual and have chosen to be here enjoying a human experience.” People are often surprised when we have this conversation. How can we not be spiritual when our eternal Soul is from Source? We are both human and Divine! Not one or the other! 

I’m also asked, “What’s my purpose?” BE the best you that you can be and help others! Have fun and do what makes you happy! How you do it is an individual choice. There are many paths and futures to choose. What you choose and how you respond to the choices will determine your experience and offer more choices! 

There are many ways to express your creativity, beauty, love, compassion, forgiveness, service, and magic! How our divine nature as a human being is expressed is up to each one of us. For example, I express my divine nature as a human being being of service by channeling guidance and healing, writing and teaching! This continues to evolve as I evolve. What I do isn’t who I am. What I do can always change but my true nature remains the same. The more I claim and own my true nature I become more! Does this make sense?

In our society we are often measured and evaluated based on our education, career, looks, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc. Who we are at our core is the same – a spark of Source and Love! We truly are ONE and in our oneness all is possible. Embracing our true nature, unity and common values rather than our differences is key to ongoing personal growth, caring for the Earth and humanity!

What I do has changed through the years. Now that I’m consciously awake and choosing to become more of my truest self I’ve become more aware, flexible, and open to the unexpected, magic, and miracles that are available! I realize that I am the artist and author of my life in co-creation with High Self, Soul, and my unseen friends. Are you ready to become more?

If you would like to contact me please go to I am also at Storm Wisdom on Tuesdays from 1p – 6p and I’m available by appointment by phone. I’ll be channeling Luminus and the Messengers of Light on Tuesday, January 22, 2019. Join us for an evening of shared information and healing!