What a week… So many amazing things happening and this strong sense that things are really picking up. I found myself sitting in awe in one moment followed by another in which my thoughts were “Really, you can’t see how you are creating this?”. This thought was uniformly preceded by a conversation in which someone was relaying their powerless victim story, with no intention of shifting or moving out of it… Instead they were either wanting to wallow in it… Or find their solid ground of righteousness. It was painful (and boring!).

So what is in this for me? Mind you, I know it is a reflection of something going on or being created in my world. But how does this serve me? Where am I feeling powerless or the need to be right, at the cost of someone else being wrong? Okay… In this moment I realize I am powerless to prevent people from being victims… But what else?

Mind you, I am well aware that we truly can be the victim of people, circumstance or events~I am referring to the victim stories we perpetuate or in some cases, create based on perceptions, fear or want. It seems to me, at least this week, that this type of victim I referring to, has the potential to be built, reinforced and solidified over time.

We have an experience where we feel powerless or we are unable to create something we desire… We tell people about it so that they understand what we are going through. Our friend, co-worker, family member, or hair dresser, (being supportive) agrees with us, and we have proof. We go create another experience that feels exactly the same way and share the new story (perhaps using the first one as a point of reference!) and we are on our way to constructing the perfect structure to house our victim stories. That structure is our physical body! AND… What we don’t seem to realize is that these energies of being powerless without any sense of responsibility are TOXIC!

What is the right way to handle this? Point out that someone is creating their own reality? Honor and bless them where they are at? Engage them about the impact of this perspective or approach? Run? All I know for sure was this week… Victim energies, we’re like nails on a chalkboard… and not what I was looking for! Or was I? As one of my friends pointed out… I was choosing to be a victim of the victims!

<sigh> Time to read the lesson plan all over again to see what I missed!