I just read this article (https://greatist.com/live/healing-crystals-are-probably-wack) titled “Crystal are Probably Bullsh*t, but I Love Them” by Derek Flanzraich. There is a lot I like about this piece. Especially the awareness of being intentional or the power of setting intentions.

However what it really got me thinking about why I’m so drawn to Crystals. What I believe about them.., and what I don’t.

In the article above, the author writes “In practice, there’s no evidence crystals have special powers. In fact, science has evidence against it.”

Yet we live in a time of technologies that at their core, under the plastic casings, behind the glass screens, and connected by touch sensitive keypads, are based on Crystals! Cellphones, computers, radio, television, tools, lasers, home appliances and even our cars are made possible, more effective, and useful by the natural properties of Crystals.

So the way I see it, Science and technology don’t believe Crystals have any natural properties that you or I can access or use on our own. But they use them in chips, capacitors, batteries, and so much more. The majority of their research tools, equipment, and products are only possible because of the natural properties of Crystals and metals…. All from the Mineral Kingdom.

And I haven’t even mentioned the foundation of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. Or the absolute requirement of daily minerals from food and water that our bodies crave and need!

So once they are modified, produced and for sale, then these crystals which have been sliced, pulverized, encased or otherwise unrecognizable to their native form… are now powerful products and everyday items that they want us to purchase and consume. In their packaged and enhanced form the Crystals they used, then have ‘value’.

Obviously very smart scientists and technologists have figured out how to maximize the potential of these Crystals and minerals natural properties. Why then, when you or I hold on to or otherwise engage with a Crystal, are we not able to experience their natural properties at even the most basic or subtle level? Why would we not know, sense or experience their properties?

I believe we do!!

The nature of Science, like us.., is to evolve. I hold out that one day, science will catch up with what our internal senses and intuitive knowing are already telling us.

Nobody was more skeptical than I was about Crystals having natural properties that could be used for healing, energetic awareness and personal expansion. However almost immediately after encountering them, a whole new world began to open up. I began having experiences that were unexplainable and synergistic. My awareness of energies and my internal senses were enhanced.

Prior to working with Crystals, I was aware of intuition and our internal senses. However, I wasn’t sure how to access them or if I even trusted them. However, by working with Crystals, these became amplified and undeniable. It was as if the volume knob was being turned up as a way to grab my attention.

As I got curious about Crystals, I realized that I already knew a lot about them… or probably it is more accurate to say I could intuit or sense information about them. And, I don’t think I am unique or have some special gift.

Instead it is about trusting the information and awareness being presented. I know because in the beginning, I questioned everything. I doubted how someone like me, who had never even seen a Crystal, could have the level of knowing I was experiencing. In fact, it felt more like my intuition was helping me to remember! Even though prior to being introduced to them 10 or 15 years ago, I had never seen, studied or been aware of them at all.

My curiosity was probably my greatest ally during this time. It kept me open to all that was and is still unfolding.

Now here is the thing. I believe that Crystals have their own natural properties. I also believe we (humans) have our own natural properties. And, it is the blending to the two where the power and potency lies.

Everything is energy. Let me say that again. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. When you allow something into your energetic field, you begin to absorb and integrate its energies into your own. This is true with other people, nature and animals too. When something moves into your space (or visa-versa) it alters or changes you. Sometimes momentarily, other times more permanently.

We are all unique and so are individual crystals. So although there are common properties that humans have and common properties that different types of crystals have; how we connect with or experience them is unique to each of us.

This means what works or resonates for one person, may not for the next. Someone could be very drawn to a particular Crystal, while for someone else it may seem invisible.

All of this is to say, everyone’s journey and experience with Crystals will be personal to them. Like anything.., there will be a large number of people who will never “get” or understand the draw to Crystals. That’s okay.

However, if you are drawn to or curious about them, use your senses to connect with them and lead the way. You may find that they’ll completely change your life! They did mine.