I’ve just finished an Advanced Messengers of Light Healing program with Annie Bossingham and fellow healers. It was amazing and I highly recommend any program that Annie offers. They include: The Artistry of Channeling, The New Paradigm, Healing With the Messengers of Light, and a Contact Workshop to name a few. All of them are amazing, result in unexpected surprises, and stretch my consciousness and beliefs more than I could have imagined! Whew!! I’m grateful for Annie and her willingness to share her gifts with us. I’m also grateful for the opportunity to choose to change my reality and let go of old beliefs, habits, attitudes, and perceptions! How cool is that?

I’ve been an Energy Healer for over 15 years and during that time I’ve evolved and expanded my toolbox and how I offer healing for others. Why? Because I’ve changed through the process. I’ve grown and expanded my consciousness and let go of limiting beliefs and practices. I’m still on the journey and so are many of you. Right?

So, what was so special about this opportunity and invitation for me? Have you ever wondered how much more you can become and who you were meant to be? Well, I have. Part of the journey, however; has been accepting and owning the truth of who I am and who I’m becoming. Some of you might resonate with this, right? Well, what’s clear is that we all have a choice to move forward, remain stuck in place or live in the past. What are you choosing?

One of the new awarenesses, for me, was to not only ask that clients are open to receive healing but that they are willing to participate in the healing process. It truly becomes a co-creation of healing. I call in the Messengers of Light, High Self, Soul, and the Inner Healer of each and every person I’m working on now. This includes my own. Healing truly is a co-creation between the healer and the one who is receiving healing along with the many unseen helpers. Does this make sense? In addition, I finally claimed the ancient wise woman healer I’ve been for eons of time. So, fine tuning occurred which resulted in powerful shifts in my relationships with my unseens and the client.

As I was driving in on the last day of class I was clearly receiving guidance. Questions kept coming up that included to explore that included how to heal the heart of our world. Whew! That’s a big deal, isn’t it? I asked, “What is mine to do? How do I impact the heart of the world?” Are you kidding me? Wow!! Take a deep breath – still driving mind you!

Here’s what came to me in the way of answers: First, this is an individual response. One size doesn’t fit all, contrary to the belief of many spiritual people. Oh! Next, everyone can be a healer if they choose. Remember, there is a healer within every living being. It is called your “inner healer” and may or may not awaken in this life. It must be consciously engaged and an intimate relationship developed with it. Oh!! Then, you don’t have to solve world hunger or peace. Small acts of kindness can make a difference. I’ve written about this before.

Remember to listen, touch when appropriate, smile, or make someone’s day better by offering to help. Volunteer with groups where you feel passionate. Tutor, serve the homeless; be a crossing guard, docent, or serve in a rescue organization for our 2 legged and 4 legged friends. I guess if animals without legs are rescued then that counts too! LOL Yeah, I admit I’m not a big snake fan. I’m open to stretch myself and be of service in other ways! We’re all different!!

The big take away for me was to remain open to shift and change, Move beyond my comfort zone. Ask for help to stretch, expand and move beyond the boundaries of what I have created as my current limit or ability. There is so much more. Leave ego behind and go for it!! Like Indiana Jones step into the void, have faith, open to your optimal futures, and have fun! There is so much more than our minds can perceive. Trust your guides, High Self, Soul, and unseen friends. Your are more than you think you are!

Know how much you are loved!!

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