“How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet
“You don’t spell it you feel it.” – Pooh

Almost 20 years ago I participated in a weekend retreat that was designed to explore awakening the soul and why I was here. It was an intense weekend and I remember on the closing day one of the last experiences we had was asking our soul, “Why am I here?” Everyone was invited to shout it out. Although this was a group exercise each person’s answer was different. I heard shouts of courage, family, relationships and so much more. I shouted out, “Love.” Wow! I had no clue what it meant except what I will call a limited understanding of what it meant at that time. I realized that something deep within me had opened a door and I’ve been on a journey of remembering and rediscovering what love is since then.

For many years I felt romantic love with my husband and love for my family. During meditation I felt, at times, an overwhelming sense of receiving love unconditionally. I’ve also accepted that my family loves me unconditionally even though what I believe has changed through the years. Intellectually I knew that there was a deeper love – a love of Source – a love that is me eternally. Last year when experiencing a family health crisis I became more vulnerable through the pain and fear of possibly losing love – love as I knew it.

As Pooh said, “You don’t spell it you feel it.” This intense experience and the deep emotions I felt set into motion a feeling that love could be lost forever. I was invited to go deeper and explore what love is while recognizing loves’ value in my life. As I continue to explore it I’m developing a more profound relationship with loving myself. Rumi, a poet, scholar, theologian and Sufi mystic, has said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” I continue to let go of beliefs and habits, prioritize what I value in my life, and I feel more peaceful. This journey with love continues.

I believe that through our experiences including our emotions this is how we personally grow and contribute to overall consciousness. Think of love as a consciousness. The more we delve into the depths of love and truly experience what it means for us the more it grows. I believe that love is the greatest transformer of all and that love and goodness will always prevail in spite of how challenging or dark some of the days seem.

Each one of us is loveable. Part of the journey is to accept this truth, be bold, and love ourselves more and more. Rupi Kaur, poet, illustrator, and author explains it this way, “How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” You can never love yourself too much. I don’t mean in a narcissistic way. You are worthy of love. Can you love yourself enough to receive more and more of the reality you want to co-create and allow more love in your life?

I don’t know about you but I want more love in my life. I don’t want to take it for granted. With love there is no fear or hate. There is a foundation for inclusion, creativity, beauty, and bringing more healing into the world.

Hope, love, and wisdom are buried deep within each one of us. Let the spark ignite and grow! I will be offering a free Introduction to channeling the loving and powerful energies of Luminus and the Messengers of Light using Zoom on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 from 2p-3:30p AZ time. It will be recorded. If you are interested in participating or receiving the recording of the meditation please register at victoriabarna.com.