I’ve checked out. I’m having a hard time staying focused on anything but my home. There is a lot of transition and transformation that is happening here in the space… so that is taking some focus and attention. But I still feel checked out from Storm Wisdom.

On the one hand I feel very fortunate because I have such an amazing and loyal team. They know what they’re doing, and in fact have managed the day-to-day operations for years! The business doesn’t need me there to function. I take care of the admin stuff, like accounting, planning/forecasting, and such. At the same time.., I have always enjoyed being in the space.

Right now., I am so distracted. I have a hard time being there for more than a couple of hours at a time. Places to go.., places to be. Distractions, distractions.

I started to worry about this a few weeks ago. Questioning what it all means. Wondering what the future holds. Then I remembered what kind of business this actually is. Almost everything we do and promote is about Intentional Living. One of the principles of Intentional Living is “Follow the Energy”. When I remember this, it is easier to accept where I am. That right now, the energetic flow is in a different direction than what it was, say a few months ago.

I am also reminded that in August I shifted my focus toward ‘being more present’. Instead of constantly living in the future and doing mental gymnastics with plans and schemes and projections… I chose to dance with whatever shows up in the moment.

This change of focus also changes everything. I’ve been caught off guard a few times with new awarenesses on just how many different ways I can easily pull myself out of the present moment. I guess that means the more I stay present, the more I recognize how many ways I have crafted to take myself out of the moment! Genius!

But all of this leads me to this sense or feeling of being checked out. The truth is our energies run in cycles. There is a natural ebb and flow. We have ups and downs. There is a Universal truth to this. But most of the time, we override this natural order. Hell, most of us have commitments or obligations that demand our peak energy, whether we have it or not.

Still, the flow of our energies is real. And when we can find the ways to align and be in sync with them.., everything is easier. Our rhythm matches our environment’s. Sometimes I suppose that means feeling like we are checked out of a portion of our lives. Our relationship, friendship, work, hobby, art or creative endeavors.., whatever.

In this moment it feels like when we put a demand or expectation on to any area of our life; we risk disrupting the flow or rhythm of that area…, that person, place or thing. Then we have made it ripe for distortion or even destruction.

Yeah, I am feeling checked out right now. And you know what? It feels right!

With Light, Love, and Laughter