Lately I’ve been thinking about how precious life is. I’ve reflected on my choice to be here at this time and I believe everyone else who is here on this earth has volunteered to be here as well. Each one of us came to assist one another in our personal growth and experiences and through our experiences we contribute to the overall growth of God/Goddess/All That Is -Source. At least that’s what I believe right now!

What does power mean? Think about it! At one level power can mean being able to produce something. Another way to think about it might be influencing or having control over others. And yet power can reflect physical strength or politically controlling or influencing others. Wow!! We are truly powerful beings aren’t we? At our core this is true; however, some find inner power and others seek it externally from others.

I wrote a book a few years ago called Reclaim Your Power a Journey of Change and Transformation. I don’t know about you but this has definitely been part of my own journey. For me, awakening to the realization that my divine nature and human nature aren’t separate made a difference. Letting go of who I’m not has been key. Remembering and accepting that I’m responsible for my choices and the only thing that I can control are the choices I make and how I respond to the ones others make has been freeing! I’m in charge of me!!

What does claiming my power have to do with realizing how precious life is? In three words – life is short!! Our physical life is short. So why not cherish and savor each moment? Why not live a life of integrity and filled with what you hold dear rather than compromise your values in order to please someone else? What are you willing to sacrifice of you if you do? Why not create happiness and a life filled with love, integrity, beauty, and fun? Why not claim the truth that you can co-create your reality and make choices that support the reality you are imagining for yourself?

When was the last time you felt truly happy with work or personal relationships? When was the last time you told your loved ones how much you appreciated and loved them? Many of you have had moments to express your feelings and gratitude and for one reason or another something happened and the opportunity was gone. This has happened to me as well.

Cherish and savor every moment with the people who are important to you. Be happy with and own the choices you make and if they don’t work, make a different choice! Claim your power! Accept who you are and who you’re becoming! Let your brilliant light and love shine! Be the best you that you can be while you’re here! As Thich Nhat Hanh has said, “Happiness is possible only when you stop running and cherish the present moment and who you are. Who you are is already a wonder; you don’t need to be someone else. You are a wonder of life.”

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