Happy Autumn Equinox! Wow, where does time go? Along with the equinox we had a gorgeous Harvest Moon. This is the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox. It appeared huge and orange! Stunning! I’m told the size at this time of year is an illusion!

In many parts of the country I’m sure that the shift from summer to autumn is felt more with weather changes than we often experience here in Arizona although there are different parts of the state where the season shift is strong. We are looking forward to double digit temperatures soon instead of triple digits! LOL Once this happens we can feel our season shift!

As I’ve reflected on this time I was curious about what the significance and mythology of the Equinox is. I found it interesting. There is a seasonal shift in farming communities where harvesting of crops occur. Gardens begin to go dormant in some areas. There’s a shift from light to dark and I found that Japanese Buddhists celebrate deceased relatives. In some religions this celebration occurs on November 1st which is often referred to as “Day of the Dead”.

This time of year also brings in the astrological sign of Libra which represents balance. Rumi has said, “Life is balance of holding on and letting go.” There are many opportunities throughout life when we are invited to let go of things that no longer serve us. Creating balance in life is a choice. The allure of being told we are “successful” through our work, education, titles, and accomplishments can feel intoxicating, can’t it? Have you ever taken your in basket home and didn’t go through it until the next day at work? Instead, did you make it to a family event or social outing with friends? How did you feel? Were there any repercussions at work? Did you feel a bit more balanced in that moment?

I’ve been there! I’ve asked myself, “Will I be remembered for the amount of work I did or took home with me?” I always come up with NO! Creating a life of balance is key! I’ve learned this later in life as my journey of spiritual awakening and self growth began. For many years a lot of my self worth was linked to being recognized at work! Fortunately for me I began to appreciate and create balance after I had a child.

Are you willing to “let go” of some of the old habits and behaviors that no longer serve you? I find this discernment, for me, is ongoing as I shift and change. What shall I “hold on” to and what am I ready to “let go” of?

Imagine your life with more spontaneity and fluidity. Imagine being in the joy of living and thriving instead of struggling and being challenged all of the time. Imagine leaning more and more into the energy of magic, miracles, gratitude, possibilities and LOVE. This is who we are beyond the illusion. We are LOVE at our essence and this is the journey of remembering! I believe that LOVE is the greatest transformer of all.

During this time of harvesting take a few moments for inner reflection and ask, “What am I ready to harvest right now? What will it take to create more balance in my life?” It’s your choice, isn’t it? Feel how empowered you are.

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