Energetically this is an amazing time to experience a deeper level of present moment awareness. To intentionally enhance our ability to ‘Be in the Moment’. As a result, the following combination of Crystals may be ideal to work with during this time. To help with our continued awareness AND with incorporating these new energies.

Rose Quartz, Fuchsite with Ruby, and Amethyst.., and here’s why.


Rose Quartz is considered the ultimate Crystal for connecting to the energy of unconditional love. It does this by establishing a stronger connection to our Heart Energy Center. It is this connection to our Heart that is important in the desire to be more present or in the moment. You see the Heart does not recall or tell stories. That is the domain of the mind. The more we can stay connected to our Heart Center, the less likely we are to be pulled to stories of the past or to attempt to predict or control the future. Allow the Rose Quartz to open your heart and quiet the mind.

Then the Fuchsite with Ruby can do its work of birthing something new.
In this case, for many of us, the desire to live in the present moment is not new. In fact, it is foundational to many spiritual practices. However, there are new levels of ‘present moment awareness’ that are available to all of us. Fuchsite helps strengthen the hearts desire, while the Ruby works with our Root Energy Center and grounds that desire into our physical body. Our physical body wants to support our highest transformation. When we align our body with our desires.., it can send us messages, instinctual responses and clues when we are in alignment.., or when we are on the verge of losing that connection. So although ‘Being in the Moment’ may not be new… these enhanced levels are. Fuchsite with Ruby may provide the ideal connection to move from concept to reality.

Amethyst of course is one of the strongest Crystals for helping us stay connected to our Highest Guidance. One of its main focuses is to keep us ‘In the Moment’. That is why it is so desirable as a meditation tool. It is an activator of and for our Crown Energy Center. It is ideal for helping to release, shift or change old patterns, habits and behaviors. The way our mind distracts us with the past and future has easily become one of our most common and shared habits! It is so routine for most of us, that we are not even aware we are doing it!

Right now there are many things happening all around us that have heightened our awareness of how easily we are distracted. We are more aware of how quickly we sacrifice the present moment for the sake of old stories, fear, worry or confusion. This combination of Heart, Root and Crown Energy Center connection and alignment, along with the properties of these Crystals may provide the easiest solution for shutting down or minimizing these distractions!

Imagine yourself in an effortless state of connection to the Now. What it would truly be like to respond to what is present.., instead of reacting based on perception or fear of what was or could be. Allow yourself to be infused with the properties of these Crystals and your desire.

Give it a try.

If you have them in the form of jewelry or small stones, wear or carry them with you. This way you will be able to infuse your energetic body all day with the synergy of their properties.

Or.., do what I did. Work with them in a quick meditation. When we slow our thoughts, emotions and body down in a meditative state, we become more receptive to those energies that are most aligned with us.

If you have a meditation or prayer practice, simply hold the stones in your hands (or put them next to you) during this practice. Including them in your practice will allow a quick infusion of their properties especially through the meridians in your palms. (Your left hand is best as it is receptive, but either will work!)
If you don’t own the crystals yet… simply focus on the image included with this post. You might hold a piece of Quartz and intend for it to represent the natural properties of all three of these Crystals (or their synergy) and imagine them being amplified by the Quartz!

Whichever way you choose to work with these crystals… be clear and set an intention for them to support you with ‘Being in the Moment’. Your intentions are ALWAYS the most powerful tool you have at your disposal!