The other day I happened to read a couple of articles on the environment and the economy.  I suppose the headlines did their trick and got me hooked.  Either way I was in the water up to my neck, seriously considering an even deeper dive with these stories, when I realized I was caught up in a swirling current of fear and worry.

It was so shocking to realize how quickly I had moved emotionally from contentment and gratitude; to anxiousness and dread.

Even though the only shift in my own reality was reading someone else’s perspective.., I was emotionally triggered and my imagination was running wild with scenarios of doom and gloom.

I wish I could say I was able to let it go as quickly as it took over.  But that’s not the way it works for me.  It is more like getting the garden hose out to water plants.  The hose comes out a lot easier when I yank it toward my intended targets, than when I need to recoil it back into its tidy spool.

However, it did give me an opportunity to observe how precariously I was holding my sense of stability and security.  Sure there are challenges that we face everyday that seem larger than us and frequently outside of our immediate control.  But it seems our own circumstances and situations need to have and hold more sway over our sense of dominion.  Our sense of who and where we are on this journey called life.

As someone who feels like I signed-up to be here at this time, as we move toward new levels of consciousness and humanities evolution.  I remind myself that my thoughts shape the reality I am creating.

It may have taken me a few minutes, but I realized I could generate uplifting emotional energies of hope and possibility as easily as I could dread or fear.  And in that moment I remembered the reality I intend and choose to create for myself.