It feels a little bit weird these days writing these articles. I have stepped away from the business of running Storm Wisdom and I’m really only there a few hours a week (at the most) Gisela, Millie and Mary Helen are running the place and actually have been in that role for a long time.

For the last few years, I have been doing the accounting, bill paying, payroll and those sort of administrative duties. These functions only require a couple of hours a week at the most. This means I am finally realigning my time to match my effort.

What that means when it comes to these newsletters is that I am not having all the juicy conversations that naturally come up when you’re in a spiritual center. I am not interacting with and learning from all the visitors, clients and friends who walk through the front door.

These interactions were the catalysts for so many of the posts I have written in the past. Not being as engaged has shifted or changed a lot of that. AND.., I am spending more time alone. I have been hiking everyday. And that is the most consistent thing I can boast about or claim. It is cathartic and enjoyable… but it does not inspire the level of self-reflection that being inside the walls of Storm Wisdom does.

Everything feels weird. But it also feels right.

I love what I have created. I love what we have created. I am no less passionate about its success. But energetically supporting it and physically being there are two different things.

I am in this space of simply wanting to be… to stay present… to focus on whatever comes up in the moment that feels good. This is “me” time.

How fortunate am I to have created a time in my life, when nothing is dictating my time or direction. It feels luxurious to go where the winds blow or focus on whatever catches my attention. I feel the rightness of this… and yet it doesn’t feel like this is how it is always going be. It is just this way for now.

Ebb and flow. Times of movement. Times of stillness.

So you may sense a shift or change in these newsletters. Who knows… but in keeping with the ongoing theme… this IS what’s going on in my head… this is where my self-reflection is leading me.

Ebb and flow.

With Light, Love, and Laughter