I was recently reminded how serious, focused and intense I can be! My corporate training and background certainly reinforced this and I found this behavior was rewarded. Today, not so much. Today, I recognize that living a more balanced life is more important. This doesn’t mean you can’t live in a balanced way while working for corporations. At the time I worked for one I found it more challenging since I was rewarded and recognized for my work successes. My conscious awakening had not begun! I began to learn and choose living with more balance after marriage and having a child. The journey of balance, celebrating, and having fun has been an amazing and at times a challenging one for me. Changing behavior isn’t always easy but along the way I’ve learned to be more self-accepting instead of judging myself when I fall back on old habits! LOL.

Let’s play for a minute. Imagine it’s the end of your work week. Close your eyes and engage your senses. First, bring your awareness into your heart space. Now, notice what you hear. Imagine hearing lively and uplifting music. Hear laughter and conversation all around you. People are sharing the joys and challenges of the work week. In fact, so are you! Imagine your friends or partner close by and feel the happiness and joy surrounding you. Maybe you’re at a restaurant, block party, or in your home. It doesn’t matter. Just notice how you feel as the tension of the long week melts away. Notice your body relaxing. Feel its’ sigh of contentment and happiness.

Now, feel the beat of the music. Allow it to move into your very being and feel it in your soul. Hmmm. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Do you feel like dancing? Don’t worry about others who might be around you because they are in their own experience. Allow the music and rhythm to seep into your soul more and more. Feel your body swaying. Maybe a little at first. Feel the smile that wants to express itself. Wow!! Let it! Now, move your body and relax! Pretty wonderful, don’t you think? Have fun with it. Feel happiness bubbling from deep within you and relax even more. How long has it been since you’ve felt this way? Why not feel like this more and more? It’s ok. Draw upon this feeling as the new week begins. It’s yours to re-create anytime!

It makes me wonder about the number of “hats or masks” we wear. I realize that there are so many external influences that we let affect us. We want to belong and fit in! It’s also a choice for each one of us to choose to be different if we want. Why not begin with one change and remember what it feels like to be happy, enjoy life and dance? Engage consciously with the deeper part of you – your truer essence which is love. Be that which you are! Allow the tension and stress to melt away and hear the rhythm and beat of the music once again. Feel the joy and abandonment of moving your body to the beat. Smile and feel yourself lighten up so to speak! Play and dance more! I recently did and I’m still smiling! I’m looking forward to doing it again!

Just a reminder – I won’t be channeling Luminus this Tuesday, July 23rd, since I’m out of town. Gisela and I will be offering a healing evening with the powerful and loving Messengers of Light on Tuesday, August 13, 2019, from 6:30 – 8:30p at Storm Wisdom. Seating is limited so please reserve your space early!