SW_ShopWe are getting ready to launch a web-store for our in-house developed product line called ‘The Magic of Crystals’.  You are probably already familiar with most of these products (Energetic Mysts, Hand & Body Lotion, Crystal Knowledge Deck, Infused Sage.., etc.), and now whether you’re near or far, will be able to purchase them with ease online (US sales only) as well as at the center.

The retail version of the site will be open soon, and within a month or two, we’ll have a wholesale web-store too! Isn’t that exciting!

The reason I wanted to write about this is not so much about what will happen going forward, but how we got here in the first place!

Now that it is almost here, I marvel at our ability to create.  Anyone who has spent anytime in the past 10 years following the human potential movement, law of attraction or visualization techniques for manifesting and creating via your thoughts, emotions and imagination; has heard all the suggestions, promises and possibilities.

So without a doubt, I believe in the power of aligning our thoughts and feelings around a future dream or outcome.  It makes sense to me that the more we can visualize and imagine something, that the Universe starts to realign and create events and circumstances to bring these dreams into fruition.  I think these are all positive things to do, along with our own actions or steps in the direction of what we are trying to create.


There is also something here about honoring time, space and energetic flow!  You see, we actually tried having a web-store once before.  At the time it seemed like something we were “suppose to have”.  It made sense on paper (or digitally).  But it wasn’t the right time.  It felt like work.  It felt like a burden.  It felt heavy.., there was no ‘flow’.   We had it up for over a year and had one sale.  At the time it felt like a colossal failure.

But even that experience informed our decision and direction this time.  As a result of the last experience, it became really clear that we would not be doing this again until it felt right.  Until it felt easy.  We, or in truth ‘I’ didn’t want to even consider it again until we could do it with our own products.

For the longest time, I must admit it felt like it would be years away!  Until one day recently, it wasn’t.  Now it feels as if it is the right time and the right direction.  It has been easy, fun and feels like it is in the flow… Happening naturally.

So what is the lesson or the take-away from this experience?  I know as I look at this situation in hindsight,  I did not allow myself to dream, visualize or imagine it long enough.  Instead, I took the desire, which was authentic, and tried to push or drive it into existence.  I took the dream from my heart and imagination and gave it to my mind, to figure out the action plan!  I tried to create my dream with demands, deliverables and deadlines!  And even though we actually did create the “web-store”; it was so much work with such little energy that it just sat there.

Where else am I doing this?  Heck, where are you doing this?  We need to allow our dreams and desires to grow and evolve.  We need to feed the essence, nourish the process.  We need to accept that it may be the right dream but not the right time.  If you know you want to create something, but it is still unclear when, where or how… Maybe the thing to do is continue to dream and imagine it without ‘doing’ anything.  Feed the dream, then wait for the dream to invite you in!

You’ll know when the time is right!

With Light, Love, and Laughter