TheRiverOfLiveI belong to a small group that meets once a month to provide support and insight to each other. It never ceases to amaze me how often our processes seem to mirror one another. The circumstances and situations maybe different, but way we are experiencing them is uncanny.

We had a great conversation this past week that has really stuck with me about ‘following the energy’.

I think what we realized through this dialog was that we are really good at following the energy when it is what we want to do. While things are going the way we want them to. However, as soon as it seems different from what we expect or imagine… the first thing we do is try and change or alter the flow of energy.

In other words… we begin to fight against it.

Even as the conversation was unfolding, someone experienced a visual metaphor of floating down a river. Everything is great, but then we are suddenly locked in on something or view a different possibility as a distraction.

The flow has changed but we are still trying to keep our momentum going. Even if that now means swimming upstream or toward the shore. We want to move in a different direction than the current naturally wants to flow.

I think for me personally this is very true when there is a bend or obstacle in the river that prevents me from seeing what is ahead. I want to shift my vantage point and try and get a better view, so I know how to prepare. As if I am going to be able to control the flow of the river ahead if I can see what is coming.

Sure, sometimes around the bend, there are rapids, shallow waters or unexpected challenges. But the truth in this analogy is that unlike river rafting… getting out of the river or flow of our lives is probably not a realistic option. And.., whatever skills and/or tools we presently have are enough for us to use in order to navigate whatever is in front of us. We are more prepared than we give ourselves credit!

I know the part of me that wants to jump out of the river, that wants to get a bigger boat or different supplies. Yet the truth is, if our energies are flowing in the direction of something new that we feel unprepared for, we are being presented with a huge opportunity for expansion and growth.

Everything we currently have or know is enough to lean into the current stretch situation and emerge on the other side. It is you and I that prevent the learning or growth that is available, by trying to stay the old course. Even when the current has shifted.

I believe whether we swim upstream or stay with the flow, we will eventually experience the lesson that the river of life is trying to offer. Sometimes we just make it harder on ourselves when we take ourself out of the flow.

intentionallivingFollowing the energy is a skill that is developed over time. When we find it, everything seems in alignment and happens with ease. It is getting attached to a certain destination, timing or path that gets in our way. If we are suppose to reach a particular destination, it will be on the other side of whatever we perceive is in our way.

If by following the flow, it appears that our preferred ‘timing’ will be off; then the new timing, whatever that may be, is the timing that is in our best and highest good.

If the path in front of us appears to be dramatically different than the one we have been walking, then an opportunity for more is at hand.

Working to stay on course when the energies or currents are flowing in a new direction is hard work. We are fighting against nature and natural order and it is usually our egos or desire to control, that is actually at work!

I say stick with the flow and follow the energy. It’s all yours!

With Light, Love, and Laughter