Guilt Be Gone

You’ve probably noticed I don’t really edit my writing. It is a bit of a thought dump…, and if I really took the time to edit for grammar, punctuation and spelling, it would be too much of a task or burden. It would take me so long to “get it right”, that I probably would have given up on writing a long time ago.

I do usually take one good look for those glaring mistakes – which I still sometimes miss anyway.

The process is like this… I write…, I read it out loud to myself or Fito. Fix any obvious problems and then send it off to my trusty tech-guy Paul, who then gets it into the right template/format. When the entire newsletter is done, I get it back and do a review and approval… and send it off for publishing.

What I found last week when I re-read the article (Ebb and Flow) after it was in the final format, was that I feeling ‘guilt’ while reading it. As if my present circumstances seemed too luxurious or like I wasn’t doing enough. I wasn’t “working hard enough”. Or maybe I was just being lazy.

I have to say I was a bit surprised. I hadn’t noticed the guilt before that…, but once I did, I realize it has been there since I made the decision to step back and take this time for myself.

So on the one hand I am thrilled about giving myself this time to be… on the other I feel guilt. These two are incongruent. They actually work against one another.

The thing is, I think we do this to ourselves all the time. How many times do we override our personal dreams or desires because we believe our family, partners, society or some unknown “them” will not approve?

How many times do we feel guilty (fear, shame, or judgement) for simply doing (or not doing) something that we want to do?

I realized for me.., a lot of this is self-imposed, because at one time I was passionate about chasing the dime. That somehow if I worked hard enough, smart enough, and long enough.., I would end up in some Nirvana. I would arrive at some extreme place where I would have, be and possess everything I imagined was “important”. That with enough work and effort I would have “made it”!

OMG.., what does “made it” even mean? And how can I have a beautiful life and still feel like there are so many miles to go before I make it?

Once again I am reminded that for those of us who are committed to self-awareness, our out-dated and often limiting beliefs, biases, attitudes and/or values will surprise us at the most intriguing if not awkward moments.

I knew in that moment, when guilt raised its ugly head, that I needed to release it. Let it go and clean it up. It is the guilt that is off. Not my desire to give myself this time of present moment awareness.

In the past, I think I might have actually succumb to the guilt. I would have felt bad for not ‘doing’ enough and reversed my course or direction.

Not this time. This time… guilt be gone!

With Light, Love, and Laughter


  1. You nailed it once again Charles…..guilt be gone!

    • 🤓👍 Thanks Sandy!

      • OMG! That picture of fingers flicking off guilt brought back memories! I was raised Catholic, and with a lot of guilt. Several years ago I put the guilt in a box, put the box on my shoulder, and flicked it off with my other hand. IT WORKED! No more irrational guilt!
        Thanks For The Memories…

        • Love that Mary Ellen… and I love that image too! Thank goodness for Unsplash!

  2. I love it Charles! Once again, I’m noticing something similar, listening to Abraham about how we (some of us) entrain ourselves away from our guidance system in order to be the perfect partner, parent, employee, sibling, citizen, entrepreneur, etc., and then struggle with feeling lost and incomplete. The key truly is presence, and listening/noticing in a different way what is true (inside), moment by moment, as you are living so beautifully. Thank you!

    • Thank you Vikki for always helping me to connect the dots and bringing another perspective what feels like a very personal or isolated experience! Hugs!

  3. wow, thank you for this newsletter from your heart. I too, often feel the guilt for not doing enough and you know the self imposed thoughts . I love your picture as I will remember that each time I feel my guilt wanting to arise.
    In gratitude

    • Thanks for sharing your own experience Shelley… somehow it is always helpful to know we are sharing our experiences with others! It’s a great reminder of the value of Community!

  4. Amen, Brother!!!

    • 😇🙏

  5. I look forward to every writing there always so good! I loved this one because it reminds me if i don’t line up spiritually first in anything I do there are always negative emotions that creep in somehow.
    Just soo appreciate you! 💛

    • Thank you for the sweet support and acknowledgment Tina… it means a lot!


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