Finding a sense of peace can seem illusive with all of the activity going on navigating day to day life and this doesn’t include what’s going on in the world. Focusing on what we can manage is easier. As I reflect on this holiday season I notice people rushing, more traffic, as well as stressed workers and shoppers. At times I feel my energy levels shifting and changing while I’m out and about which results in increased tension and stress in my body. As soon as I realize what’s going on I begin to take deep breaths even while I’m walking and shopping. I bring my awareness into my heart space and feel the tension and stress lower. Peace begins within!

The holidays bring their own kinds of stress don’t they? Entertaining, working, decorating, shopping, traveling, and so much more. Don’t forget time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. During this hectic time remember to make time to consciously breathe and reflect on your good fortune. Why? This is one way to help keep things in perspective and remember what’s important during this time – family, friends, love, peace, health, and  community to name a few. 

I’ve also noticed that we celebrate the holidays differently now that our kids live out of state and aren’t close. We used to go all out and decorate for each holiday and now we don’t. If we do it’s minimal. My husband and I were talking and both of us agree that it’s not the same without kids around. The joy, wonder and excitement is different, yes? Now we enjoy each other and celebrate with friends and other family members and talk to our kids on the phone. I’m sure some of you are experiencing the same thing.

This doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the holidays. We enjoy them in a different way. We recently went to Sedona to enjoy the Festival of Lights with family members. If you haven’t enjoyed this experience I highly recommend it. Can you imagine 6000 Luminaries being lit? It’s held at Tlaquepaque and there’s music all around. Lots of people too! In our group we had 3 year old twins, a boy and a girl! We had so much fun being together and celebrating this uplifting experience. I have to say, though, I forgot how much energy 3 year olds have. Whew!! LOL

For me, holiday celebrations continue to change and evolve. As I reflect, this seems natural. Being fluid and flexible to change with our family dynamics is important. Our families are having families of their own. Some remain physically close and others move away. Let’s see what next year brings. We might travel to see our kids depending on where they’ll be! Remaining open to celebrate the holidays in new ways can be fun! 

However you are celebrating this year please enjoy them and remember what’s important to you! When things get to be too much find your inner peace, take some deep breaths and feel your anxiety levels lower. Happy Holidays!

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