HarmonyAndBalanceA new year begins! A fresh perspective. New and renewed passions. Forward momentum. At least this is what the energies of 2016 feels like to me. I am excited to see how it unfolds.

It is interesting to observe how our internal worlds or thoughts and feelings interact and play with the external circumstances of our lives. Add to that the natural cycles of the Universe and cosmos.., and you get to witness an amazing dance. One that is simultaneously awkward and graceful; amateur and experienced; and slow to frenzied.

Often it may seem that we are simply responding to what the Universe throws at us. That there is no rhyme or reason to the ups and downs we experience in our daily lives. However, when you slow them down, look for patterns or themes, and release attachment to some of the outcomes – a different picture begins to emerge.

For those who have chosen to navigate this life with a sense of connection to the world around them, or to be in harmony with ‘All-That-Is’, there is something else. We are constantly getting insight and feedback about the ‘balance’ in our lives. Where are we in balance and where are we out?

Are we taking care of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs? Are we eating foods that are aligned with and support our bodies? Are these temples we occupy getting the movement and stimulation they hunger for?

Are we experiencing our emotions. Are we allowing them to move through us, inform and enliven us? Are we refusing to experience them? Stuffing them down or trying to conceal them. Are we fluent with our emotions or are they creating constrictions in our relationships or health?

What are the thoughts that occupy our minds? Do we imagine what we want to create and experience or do we ponder what could go wrong? Where are our thoughts focused – future, present or past? Is there a balance or are we trapped in one way of thinking or another? Are we feeding our intellect new information and encouraging expansion or are we reprocessing old information or dogma. Our mind is an amazing tool for the expansion of consciousness… It longs to become more aware.

How about our spiritual energy bodies? Are we nurturing them? We infuse our spiritual energy bodies with light whenever we allow ourselves to experience the present moment. The Now. It longs for truth and connection which can only be experienced in the moment. The more we give ourselves the gift of the present moment, the more our intuition, instincts and insights are tuned to now. It is through our awareness of the present moment that we connect with and understand the energies of everyone and everything around us. This is where we experience and know our connection and harmony!

I feel the pull to the new year. An invitation to breathe in the shifts and changes of the past year, even if I don’t fully comprehend them yet. The move from ‘what was’, to ‘what will be’. How perfect of the Universe to align my personal movement into a new phase with the energetic shifts of a new year. Ease, elegance and grace! I like it.., and it feels harmonious!

How about you? How are you feeling about this new year? Are you finding your Harmony and Balance? That is what I wish for all of us in this new year! Happy 2016!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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