honoryouruniquenessWe call ourselves “A Center for Intentional Living. There’s a reason for that! In the midst of an often hectic world, it can be easy to lose sight of the things that really matter.

We live in a time where we are surrounded by images, sound bytes and messages that purport to tell us how we should look and act. What we should own, wear or desire if we want to be hip, successful or current.

Our goal is to create a place where you can step off the treadmill of life for a moment and reconnect with your own personal truth. What matters to you. So that when you reengage with the daily ups and downs of life, you have a stronger sense of Self. You are intentional about creating exactly what you want!

This is, after all, our only life where these particular circumstances, opportunities and experiences will ever manifest in this form. This amazingly unique lifetime!

One of the challenges we all face is embracing our own Uniqueness. This is partially because we live in this time where we are bombarded at the earliest age with messages about what we should have or do if we want to be fun or cool. We are told in subtle but constant ways what we should strive for, etc.

Technology makes this kind of mass and targeted marketing easy. Prior to the 1970s, marketing was geared toward mothers. With the idea or understanding that every mother wants what is best for their child. Very little money was spent marketing directly to kids. Now it is a multi-billion dollar industry! Kids today know designer brands and labels. And it is not by accident. They then want particular toys, devices, and clothes. And they let their parents know!

As adults we have become accustomed to hearing or seeing the messages about how to fit in, feel successful or be happy! And none that information is about being unique or embracing our true authentic Self. Uniqueness is an expensive commodity… therefore, not very desirable for the marketing/media machine that is constantly churning out sameness. We are pushed to consume mass produced products.

We are dealt with as one collective mass, yet the truth is we are all unique. I grew up in a home with 5 siblings, all very close in age. Stair-step kids. Each one of us different then the other. Even though we grew up in the same house and small town. Went to the same schools and watched the same TV shows. (1 tv in the house! What a concept!). Our goals, dreams and desires are different. But we are all affected by the same societal messages. Our happiness or success defined or determined based on our current cultural standards.

So the question becomes, how do we value our uniqueness? How do we honor it?

Each of us has to find a way to shut off the noise. Turn off the commercials. Put down the magazine or tablet. Find quiet and respite amongst the chatter! Getting out in Nature does this for a lot of people! I know for years hiking or going out for a run did this for me. Whatever it takes to slow down the constant stream of external messages. To connect with our own rhythm and what feels right in the moment.

intentionallivingIt is in those times that our uniqueness reveals itself. Our truth, our longing, and what we desire. And when we finally hear the voice of our authentic self… we begin to move in that direction. We makes choices aligned with the more real of who we are.

Many of us live in cities with fast-paced lives. Getting out in Nature is nice but not practical everyday! That is where your yoga studio, religious sanctuary or center for intentional living comes in! If we can create a place where you can connect with and honor your uniqueness… then we feel like we are on track!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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