At the moment I am on a flight leaving several situations behind that I have been trying to control.  And I’m headed towards a couple of others that I have been trying to control too.  None of my attempts at control have been working.  In fact, they’ve been dismal failures.

The only real thing I have achieved in the midst of all this, is frustration.

But isn’t that always the case when we think we need to control anything?

The truth is I have been reminding myself (a lot!), that when I set down the need for other people, places, or things to look, feel, respond, or happen in a particular way.., they usually work out the way they should.  Things get resolved in ways that perhaps I could not imagine.

At least in hindsight, that is how it feels.

I wish I could say these are all new personal insights.  But in truth, I have traveled versions of this road before.  I have come to the same realizations before.

In the past I would take this to mean that I hadn’t “learned the lesson” and I was starting from scratch.  

These days, I just look at these repeats, as peeling off a new layer.  Of course since I am quite familiar with trying to control things, I must say to be experiencing so many situations or circumstances back-to-back like the past couple of weeks, with the number of layers I have removed, I should be naked by now! The grand reminder; Control is an illusion.

In fact, in everyone of these situations, letting them unfold naturally is actually quite elegant.

But boy.., do I want it my way!

But once again, the Universe has its own plan!  And as history repeats itself, I’m confident, it will be ideal for me too.