I have just deleted the first line of this post and started over. I realized when I got the words on the page that they didn’t feel right. They are the words I use and even how I feel. But in writing them, they didn’t feel very empowered.

So let’s find words that feel right and empowering too!

We are learning and expanding Beings. We have chosen this time and place to take our Soul’s journey to the next level. To expand our own level of awareness and, in turn, expand the consciousness of All-That-Is.

Often it feels that our focus is external. That our relationships, jobs, health, government, corporations, finances, etc.., are the drivers of our experience. However, the truth is those external circumstances are our creations. We use them as our playground.., or in some case the obstacle course for our internal evolution.

We are here to become more – of Ourselves.

And in this way, everything we encounter is “for” us. Even when we feel as if it is happening “to” us. We are right where we are suppose to be, encountering exactly what we want. Another opportunity to know ourselves in a way that we could not have known before. This is true whether what we’re encountering feels really rich and juicy… or extremely hard and challenging.

We are creating the circumstances of our lives. We do this, always, as a way to expand. None of us came here to shrink or become less of ourselves.

This leads me back to the beginning. The words that I wrote were “We are always taken care of…”. As much as I believe this., I realized that on their own, they could be read as a way to abdicate responsibility. That the Universe or God has some grand plan, and we are simply pawns in the scheme of Life.

But that too is wrong. We ARE the Universe. We ARE God. We are not only here to remember this, but to expand with and for it! We are taken care of, because we are authoring our own story. Whatever we are encountering is part of the narrative of this unfolding story. We need this (whatever it is) to know ourselves better.

All of this is up for me because once again there appears to be a “fly in the ointment” or someone has “thrown a monkey wrench into the works”.

Anytime the unexpected comes up, my default is to see it as a problem. Something that someone else is causing to add an unwanted tint to my beautiful life.

This is my knee-jerk reaction, even though, everything that has ever happened in my life, in hind-sight, as made sense. Dare I say… has been perfect. This is what I was trying to convey with the words “we are taken care of”.

I may not know why this situation is happening in the moment, but I can trust that down the road…, I will understand the importance of it and what it brings to my unfolding story.

In the meantime it is important for me to remember… It’s my monkey wrench!

With Light, Love, and Laughter