“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.” Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist philosopher

Flow, fluidity, and change seem to be a recurring theme for me right now. How about you? I realize that personal awareness and growth are ongoing. For me anyway, it’s not just ‘one and done’! As I write this week I’m reminded how powerful water images and metaphors can be. Lunar energies are also strong right now with a Super Moon kicking off August and a Blue Super Moon ending the month. These lunar energies also affect the movement of tides! However, let’s use the image of a river as we navigate change. Remember, change is constant. One moment is never exactly the same once it’s experienced. Imagine a river now with your eyes closed. Imagine sitting on the bank of the river and notice how it’s moving and flowing.Take a few deep breaths. Now, breathe normally as you enjoy the view of the river. Keeping your eyes closed, notice what surrounds the river. Are there trees, mountains, or a waterfall perhaps? What sounds do you hear? What fragrance can you smell? Enjoy the beauty all around you. Now look at the river again. Does it look the same or has it changed? Can you see more movement? Has something else entered the river? Has it become still or more active? Have you noticed how flexible, soft, or violent it can be from moment to moment? Have you noticed how easily it has changed?

Now, Imagine consciousness, your life, personal growth and awareness as a river. It expands, contracts, and changes in each and every moment although there are times it may not feel like it! This week my awareness seems to be a little deeper than earlier writings. I’ve noticed that flow, fluidity, and change apply to more than what’s going on in day to day life. It’s all inclusive. At some level I know this but I feel it more consciously right now. The writer and poet Parr Winn has said, “All I need is a little bit of fluidity . . Fluidity of thoughts . . Fluidity of words . . And fluidity in action . . In short, fluidity of mind, spirit, and body.” How true! “In short, fluidity of mind, spirit, and body.” How often is resistance our default behavior or habit? When I say, “I’m willing and open to change?” Do I really mean it? Or is it only when I believe I can control it?

Now, imagine your river once again. Picture several boulders in the river. Maybe there are some fallen tree limbs there too. Now, look at the water. Does the flow stop or does the river change course and find a way over or around the obstacles? Usually it will flow over or around the obstacles won’t it? It doesn’t move through the obstacles that create resistance. Rather it finds another way. It’s willing to change! American spiritual teacher and author Adyashanti has said “Once you go into resistance, you are in opposition to the fluidity of life.” How much time is spent in your life resisting? What will you notice that’s different when flow, fluidity, and change become a more comfortable way to be? How will personal growth and awareness be affected? Will life be lived more consciously? I’m curious! Imagine living life like a river – Adapting and being flexible; moving beyond resistance. Hmmm.

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