How do you feel about YOU? How often do you judge, criticize, or put yourself down? Sometimes when I get in that place I imagine Jiminy Cricket sitting on my shoulder whispering these things to me. In reality I’ve come to think of him as my negative ego – the one who’s never told me the truth! I’ve also learned that when this happens I know the things being said aren’t true so I take a deep breath, acknowledge Jiminy Cricket and then send him on a vacation! LOL

Once Jiminy Cricket leaves I become more centered and see things more clearly. I find this behavior is more common than you might think. I’ve wondered if it’s because of our environment, social conditioning, past life interference, or current life experiences. I don’t believe it’s one or the other. In fact, it can be a combination of things that contribute to how we feel about ourselves.

Many women that I know put themselves last. They feel that it’s easier to give than to receive or ask for help. It’s easier to find fault with themselves rather than look at a bigger picture. In years past I’ve found it challenging to “speak my truth”, wanting to please, and afraid of not living up to others’ expectations. Sound familiar?

What has changed? I’ve changed! I live more consciously and make conscious choices. I believe I co-create my life! I’m the Author and Artist of my life! I love myself and believe I deserve love and that I’m loveable. I’m open to receive and “speak my truth” and I know that my family isn’t going to divorce me! LOL

It took me many years to feel the strength that comes from within once I embraced my true nature that is Source and is LOVE! How can I be less than? For me, it’s been a conscious choice to shift my beliefs about me! I’ve released many of the old and limiting beliefs opening up room for more expansive ones. You can too!

I believe that each one of us has an amazing brilliant and magnificent light within. I often think of it like a beacon radiating from a lighthouse. Some lights are brighter than others depending on your personal awareness and growth. Some people anchor their lights across the energetic grids on our planet. In addition, your lights energetically affect every single person you meet whether it’s consciously recognized or not. We are all multi-dimensional beings having these earthly experiences simultaneously with other experiences. You affect people in many ways whether you realize it or not!

I invite you to notice that little voice you hear that’s trying to put you down and tell you untruths! Rather, take a few deep breaths, acknowledge it and send it on a vacation! Then, take a few more deep breaths and see how you feel. Notice if there’s a lighter feeling and one of more clarity. If not, try it again. Remember, you’re in charge!

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