MetamorphosisThis past week I had a dream about the metal sculpture that is right inside our front door at Storm Wisdom. It is a work of kinetic/assemblage art created by an artist out of Utah. If you have been to the center, you have probably noticed it.

On the one hand it has a very industrial look because of the 8.5′ collage of found metal, steel and iron that forms the structure of the piece. At the same time, it also has a very light and airy modern feel to it because it hosts an acrylic clear tube. The tube is filled with water which bubbles constantly because of the built-in air pump. The tube is lit by an LED bulb that makes the entire tube radiate at night!

About a month before I opened Storm Wisdom (over 7 years ago!) I went to an exhibit at Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale. I wasn’t really in the market for a piece of art, but I have always admired Jason (the owner) and his eye for art. So I was there to support him and the gallery.

Of course as soon as I saw this piece, I immediately associated it with the transformation my life was going through at the time. The heavy, intertwined, dense and stable structure of the steel represented the corporate world I had been apart of and was in the process of leaving behind. The radiant bubbling elements of water, air, fire, and earth that was symbolized by the more streamlined and fluid acrylic tube mirrored the new world of spirituality and intentionality I was stepping into.

I named (or renamed!) it – ‘Metamorphosis’.

For almost 7 years, that is what I thought of when I saw or stopped to think of this piece of art. Don’t you just love how art influences and inspires us?

About 8 or 9 months ago, we discovered all of the water had drained out of Metamorphosis. And it would no longer work or function the way it was intended. Being a very unique piece, I wasn’t even sure who I would call to try and fix it. And the artist (whose name escapes me!) who created it, doesn’t even live in this state. So it sat motionless for months.

Until this week. I had a dream that I was working on it. In the dream, it was laid across the tables in our Activity Center area, and I was examining it. Now the dream did not complete with me fixing the piece… It was just clear I was attempting to figure it out.

So that is what I did the next day. I put it on the table. Figured out how to take it apart. Then once the problem was diagnosed, I fixed it and put it back together. It is once again flowing and holding space at our front door. A Sentinel for those inspired by Light.

I discovered something through working with and becoming more intimate with this piece of art called Metamorphosis. I know longer see it as representing two separate aspects or versions of my life. The industrial and modern are all one piece now. They work in harmony. They are apart of the whole. Each could exist on their own, but they would not function in the same way. They would not have the same impact. They are no longer from two different worlds, they are integrated. They are one.

And isn’t that true for me as well? The division I have held of who I was versus who I am becoming no longer exists. The blurred lines of my life create a seamless entanglement and blending which is more representative of all of me. The metamorphosis I was experiencing is complete and has been integrated. I just hadn’t taken the time to notice or celebrate it!

I could say that discovering this new awareness was an accident or a fluke. But that doesn’t feel right. The world around us is always looking for ways to reflect and engage us with what is truly going on inside. There are endless synchronous events, coincidences and reminders all around us that help to influence and guide us along our journey. Some of those we judge as problematic, limiting or as constraints. Until we begin to see the beauty in their natural design. Often after the passage of time or in hind-sight.

Are there new insights or awarenesses that the 3-D world around you is attempting to reveal? Are there situations in your life that are giving you the opportunity to see and know yourself in a new or different way? If so, I hope you take the time to sit with them and breathe in your own growth! Celebrate where you’ve been and where you are now. You deserve it!

And then – the next metamorphosis will begin!

With Light, Love, and Laughter