MultipleGearsChanneling has opened up a whole new world for me. It shifts my perspective and alters how I view things. Today I realize it helps me understand that we all have our limits.

I think before I consciously chose to channel, I imagined that anyone who was connected to a higher source, entity or collective energies must have access to ALL information. From anytime, any place. Any subject; past present or future.

Now all of that has changed for me. Instead, I am clear that there is no “all-knowing”. That is not how it works. Even All-That-Is, God, the Universe or any other name used to define the Origin and Source of all consciousness.., doesn’t have access to “ALL” information, because it continues to evolve and learn as each of us expands our personal awareness. And since we have the gift of free will; what we learn through our choices and our experiences can’t be known until we know it!

All of this is to say that there is something humbling about the awareness that channeling brings. It helps me to see that I don’t have all the answers.

It seems to me that because we see ourselves as intellectual beings, we think we should ‘know’. Because we are physical beings, we should know how to ‘do’. Add to that those of us who choose to look through the lens of spirituality.., and you have the pursuit of ‘Being’. Mind, Body, Spirit!

But we are making it up as we go along. We create relationships and experiences that shape our attitudes, beliefs, values and desires. We study what intrigues us, avoid what repels us and stumble into situations that either reinforce our perspective or challenge our comfort zone. We are learning, evolving, shifting and changing Beings. One day it can feel like we are on top of the world. The next can feel like a rug has been pulled from beneath our feet and there is no solid ground below us.

This can be especially hard when we begin to believe we are a particular thing. We assign ourselves roles and labels. We create an identity for ourselves that feels like it defines us. We begin to see ourselves through our relationships, occupations, interests, knowledge or accomplishments. We wrap ourselves tightly in the ones that we most identify with. While at the same time, anything that is challenging or we want to shift we attempt to stuff away until we figure out how to set it down. Yet all the while, they are seeping through our facade.

But we are not those things. We are not our identities. We are not the image we portray to the world. We are human and we have limitations. We have tons of opportunity; but we also have challenges. Both are part of the journey of discovering who we really are. Not who someone else perceives us to be. But who, at our core, we are.

We live in a world that is made up of illusions. There is no such thing as money. Businesses and jobs are all made up! Religions, spirituality, even non-belief are concepts, peace and war are choices. Even our relationships are projections. None of this is a bad thing, it simply is.

We are hear to experience. We are here to play and have fun. We are here to create success, however we define that. And what makes all of this possible is our willingness to feel! Our emotions are the only thing that are real; and they are unique to each of us. We have access to a full range of emotions. Some we know well. Others we only experience in fleeting moments. Yet it is our willingness to be with them, feel them, experience them or hold onto or release them that determines which parts of the illusion called “Life” manifests, and as a result appears physical and rigid.

So if there is anything in this physical illusion you want to shift or change; stabilize or attract, it is time to step into your emotions and see them for what they really are! They are the fuel that keep us energetically in motion. We decide if we want to be in reverse, neutral or drive! If you are in ‘drive’, don’t forget you have multiple gears to choose from!

With Light, Love, and Laughter