Last week I wrote about Treading Water.  About how exhausting it can be to keep your head above water when you are not sure which direction to take.  I was really hoping that this was going to be one of those quick cycles that moves in for a few days and then is gone.

Instead, when I talked with my Astrologer and Spiritual Guide of the past 29 years…  I got a different perspective and insight.

The fear, anxiety and worry that had me in its grips last week, although seemingly about the state of my business, was really about me.  They are part of the transitions and evolutions I am going through.  And guess what… they will likely be with me for the entire year.

But this year is not about being in a state of constant worry or fear… it is about energetically being willing to stay connected to my own truth.  What I know about myself.  Who I am in the world.  And being willing to stay present and open to what is happening in the moment, so that I can be in the flow.

UHGGGG… this is NOT what I wanted to hear.  I wanted it to be easy.  I wanted it to be a quick challenge and then back to my beautiful life.

Which of course is the point.  We are not confronted by challenging emotions because we need to experience hell.  NO…, we experience these emotions to help us understand ourselves better and to embody the internal strengths we have developed on our journey toward self-awareness.  To live from our highest potential.  To remember who we are.., instead of getting sucked into old stories.

You see, the emotions we are experiencing are familiar.  We have known them in the past.  But the person who is encountering them… is not the same!  We are someone new.  It is only when we begin to start recalling/re-telling the old stories and reminding ourselves of past experiences, that we can be seduced into thinking we are the same old person, dealing with the same old situation.  We lose ourselves to the past!

When I first heard that energetically these patterns of limiting emotions would be presenting themselves for the next 6 to 8 months I almost cried.  In that moment, I simply felt there was no way I could deal with their intensity for that long.

But, the truth is…, I can.  I’m game.

I am ready to stay present and connected to who I am becoming and my personal truth.  If it requires treading water or slowing down and letting go of long-term planning for the moment – I am up for this.

I truly believe that everything that happens is “for us” and not “to us”!  So during this time of recalibration and alignment, as situations or circumstances present themselves that attempt to lure me into past… I will remind myself of who I am… and remember, this is my time!

With Light, Love, and Laughter