TheNewNextVersionofYou“In order to move into this next level of consciousness, you are being squeezed through yet another birth canal right now.” – Sherryl Frauenglass

When I first read these words in a post by my dear friend, I knew the truth of them. They resonated with what has been going on in my life for the past few months. I, along with many of the people around me, have been in this odd and awkward place of sensing or feeling the possibility of more, while also feeling constricted.

It is as if something has completely surrounded us that offers something new. Yet, how to find the doorway or opening in the curtain that would allow us to fully experience it, seems elusive. We are drawn to it. Our internal senses are guiding us on. Guiding us forward. Even though it feels close, we feel the struggle, the longing, the hope of reaching this new/next level. Without even knowing what is really there.

Perhaps this is why Sherryl’s analogy works so well for me.

As Spiritual Beings who have chosen the journey inward as our way of connecting to All-That-Is, we have to move beyond the external limitations of a 3-D world that appear solid. In other words, we have been developing a stronger connection with what we sense and feel. Stronger even than what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

Think about that for a moment. Many of us spent the majority of our life perceiving the world around us and believing what was right in front of us. We trusted what someone told us or what we read. Our truth was based on the physical attributes of the people, places and things our physical senses could recognize and identify. And navigating life using those tools and skills works.

Until you begin to ‘sense’ something more. It starts innocently enough. You see or hear something that feels familiar. Something appears to be in alignment with what you are looking for or fits your normal pattern. But something is off. It looks and sounds good. But there is something that doesn’t feel right. It looks one way, but it feels another.

If you trust your physical senses, you move toward that thing. If you trust this ambiguous sense or feeling.., you move away from it. You move in a different direction based on following your internal senses. As soon as you begin to trust these unfamiliar senses, you begin to develop even more access to them. They begin showing up over and over.

It may be confusing for a long time. Because of course there are many circumstances, people, and things that show up in our lives where our physical senses and internals senses are aligned. So which are we trusting or relying on then?

For those of us who continually choose to navigate by our internal senses, we are building our relationship with the energies that surround us. We are connecting into and with the morphogeneic field that permeates everything. Everything, both physical and non-physical, seen and unseen. It shifts who we are and how we navigate and traverse our lives. It collapses our sense of being separate from All-That-Is.

This brings us back to the birth canal that Sherryl was talking about. It feels like we are at a choice point in our evolution of consciousness. Time to trust what we know and sense. To stop looking externally for confirmation of what is already there. To trust who we have become as Spiritual Beings and Spiritual Magicians. As long as we are looking to the external world for confirmation of who and where we are, the veils remain in place. We have a sense of it. We feel the closeness of it. But we can’t quite be in it.., be a part of it.

We must trust our inner knowing and the real kicker: must be willing to receive it! Otherwise we end up creating struggle, resistance, impatience, fear and separation. So this constriction you are feeling is you breaking through all of that.., and becoming the new/next version of you!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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