OneCanDreamMy brother and sister-in-law are visiting this week.  So I am experiencing something that is a rarity in my home.  Football games!

I take it from the amount of activity and the bits and pieces that I hear that it is an important time in the season… Leading to the big game of the year or season.  Since I’m not really following any of it, we decided to go out for dinner and then for drinks.  In both the first place we went and then the second; the game was on.  In fact the second place it was full-on sport fans, cheering and a bar full of patrons absorbed in the game.  So of course we left!  🙂

But it got me thinking about how people rally around sports.  How much money is spent on them… Fans buying tickets, clothing, and memorabilia.  The owners and players and their salaries.  Plus television networks and all the commercials.  It is huge business.

Just because I am not interested in football, doesn’t mean I am anti-football.  To each his own!  However, for the last 24 hours I have been thinking about how amazing it would be if we followed, supported, spent money on and talk about all the positive uplifting things that are happening around the world – in the same way we do sports and entertainment.

If we bought jerseys to support people who are changing their communities; improving the lives of their neighbors, reducing pollution, improving access to water, growing organic sustainable food.   Bought tickets to hear people talk about community outreach programs, or to celebrate teachers who are making a difference in the lives of the kids in their classroom.

What if we filled stadiums to cheer on everyday people who are helping or serving others.  Not necessarily instead of a sport… But in addition to.  More and more kids go hungry in this country everyday… Yet billions of dollars are being spent on a number of different sports.  It seems like we could divert a little of our attention and resources to improving the lives of people in this country.

Of course this is not the only area of our lives where money and resources seem distorted or out-of-alignment with our own good. Heck we even use taxpayer funds to finance or as incentives for many of these organizations, some of which are considered ‘non-profit’.., like the NFL.  Somehow, this just doesn’t seem to make sense.

And yet, this is the norm.  In fact I am sure that those of us who don’t follow any professional sports, are part of a minority.  As a part of this minority, who has had a small glimpse into this world this weekend… Personally I would love to see humans direct as much money, resources and attention to quality of life for all and health of the planet, as they do to football.  One can dream! Right!?!

With Light, Love, and Laughter

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