When One Door Closes

whenonedoorclosesI wonder if sometimes our greatest periods of growth come when we ‘give up’?

I am a thinker. I analyze, evaluate, plot and plan. And sometimes, none of it works out. In fact, sometimes it is as if the exact opposite of what I was strategizing seems to manifest.

My mind can’t fathom how I got things so wrong. Suddenly, it simply gives up!

That is how I am feeling right now or at least I’m close. There are still a few how can I “save the day” scenarios running through my mind. But they are feeble at best.

In truth, I’m at the point of “What’s the point?”

And in the dense mist of fog that surrounds these energies of giving up; I hear a faint whisper. A subtle almost imperceptible voice that is calling me to be present. To forget the planning and future-tripping. A susurration that invites me to experience this moment. A clarion call for nothingness.

And in those moments when that peaceful guidance from within can be heard, I am reminded that each and every experience, whether I view it as a challenge or an opportunity, is all mine. It is for me. It is a gift of this human experience and it is here to serve me.

Those plans, ideas or dreams that have begun to deteriorate were not for my highest good. Even when they felt perfect and aligned. It was the dreaming of them that was important, not the reality. Or perhaps they represent something that wants to materialize, before (or after!) it’s time.

Letting them go, allowing the internal destroyer to have its way, and calling back the energies I have been sending to that future dream.., are what is called for now. These are the times when the proverbial “door” closes. It is time to sit and be present. To wait for, allow and receive the next open door or window. In its own time.

And in these moments there is a closeness and comfort that is available and offered by the Divine. An assurance that all is well. All is as it should be. We are surrounded by Love.

For me, I feel my own growth every time I experience this knowing and awareness. That I am right where I am suppose to be. That regardless of how much life or a particular situation seems in upheaval, in truth, it is in perfect harmony. I simply need to set down my demand for it to look or be a particular way. It is time to set down control.

For the umpteenth time.., set down control.

And I am getting better at this. No.., not a Master (yet!). But better at it. Recognizing the pattern, releasing it, and trusting that everything happens for a reason.., and it is ALWAYS for me…, not to me. One door closes.

With Light, Love, and Laughter


  1. Great insight, Charles. You know sometimes I feel it was easier when I was oblivious to my spiritual path. It was nice talking with you at the art show. Hope to see you soon.

    • Oh Sandy, I know that one well… it does seem like sometimes life was easier when I was oblivious to my true spiritual nature. Then I remember how fulfilled my life is now that I feel my connection and beingness with All-That-Is! Great to see you too!

  2. Thank you for this beautifully expressed reassurance, Charles, I concur…

    • Thanks Vikki…

  3. Wow, that speaks to me where I am right now. Thanks, I needed that encouragement. I am an over-thinker & am not great with patience. It is good to know that I am not alone in waiting for manifestation and that what seems like inaction is a daring action in and of itself

    • Sounds like we have a LOT in common Linda! I love that “inaction is a daring action in and of itself”!

  4. BRAVO CHARLES!!!! You have come so far…I’ve been reading your blogs for many years now. Divine Timing may not be what we believe is our timing…. The one thing I KNOW with certainty and say very often….is……..ALL IS WELL! We can count on it!

    • Thanks Donna for always being in my corner, adding confirmation and sharing your insights. YES! All is well!

  5. Despite the fear and how uncertain it all feels right now, in the deepest place of my knowing, I know that there is good in here. I know that things are shifting and healing. I just have to remind myself of that about a million times a day. Thank you for helping me do that with this post, my friend.

    • I feel that too Michelle. I do believe there is deep healing that is taking place all around us. Who am I to judge how that happens? I certainly have or had preferences. However, this must be what was needed by the collective. Thanks for being on the journey with me!

  6. Hi Charles,
    We haven’t met yet, but, this blog is so where I am right now and have been for around 10 years. Isn’t it amazing how when people like myself need to hear words of encouragement, it comes out spontaneously and you find yourself typing the words. I guess I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing because a couple of days ago I said to myself …..this is it…….I give up, I quit. I’ve tried and tried and tried to the point I have no more energy to do it any longer. I guess I’m just supposed to be the little fish, not the big fish. That’s the way it’s supposed to be for me……others get ahead and see their dreams come to fruition. I’m just supposed to serve and always be at the bottom of the heap. Then, I read your article. Maybe I just had to surrender, let go, and allow the Divine to work out things and make it come back in a magical way much better than I could have ever imagined. I just gave someone a message the other day. I thought it sounded awful familiar. I was giving a me too message. I was supposed to listen to the information I was giving because it totally was meant for me as well. Thank you so much for reminding me that we need to listen to ourselves a lot of times. I really needed to hear what you brought forward for us also. I’m a person that needs to hear things a million times before I actually get it. Thanks again…..Debbie (Amber) Osborn

    • Hi Debbie! Nice to meet You virtually! Your point of exasperation feels exactly like where mine has taken me. I resisted and resisted giving up the good fight. Especially when it felt so right. And then, there was peace. Thank you for sharing your story. Tell that once you reached your “end”.., new possibilities started to emerge. Best of luck in your new bigger role!

  7. I’m reminded of what an old wise friend use to tell me…..”let go of attachment to outcome”. Ugh…easy to say, harder to walk in that one. 😉

    Feeling this one very deeply since september….moved to AZ from WA. Had this whole grand plan, and literally like your post said….everything has gone the exact opposite to that. I know that no part of the journey is wasted, but sometime the doors close and we are left standing in the foyer looking all around going “huh?”.

    • Welcome to AZ! Enjoy that foyer and the peaceful space it offers! You are obviously creating something completely new!

  8. In this 9 year, a lot is closing, finishing up, ending.
    The call is to be more feminine – opening, allowing, and receptive, unlike the masculine – thrusting grasping, pushing.
    Even I, as a woman, am finding it challenging.

    What would the divine feminine do?

    There is such strength in letting go.


    • I had not thought about the 9 year.., but feminine energies coming in to balance the masculine, especially the distorted masculine has been on my mind a lot! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and perspective to the conversation! I appreciate it and you!

  9. Another beautiful message and one that applies more than I many times arm willing to admit. Just yesterday Joel Osteen talked about Step Into the Unknown – https://www.joelosteen.com/Pages/WatchOnline.aspx which had a similar message. Letting go and letting God/our Soul do its’ thing seems to be the main message the Universe is attempting to bring to our awareness, so thanks for your insightful and timely message. [Allow our ‘life script’ to unfold without the Ego’s input or judgment.]
    I was literally told minutes ago that I had too much green (mind energy) in my aura and need to wear or carry something with the color fuchsia, medium purple and dark purple to balance me – this might also help you Charles.

    • Thanks Joseph for sharing the confirmations and personal awareness! I also appreciate your recommendation for stones or talisman for balancing all the mental energies!


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