PackEverythingWatch out what you ask for! You’ll probably get it!!

I tend to be a seeker. I want to understand how things work, how the pieces fit together. I like to explore the unknown. I want to chart my own course and choose my route. Often times I will carve out a new path, or attempt to venture where it feels no one has gone before (at least not in the same way!).

Of course I am mostly referring to spiritual exploration… Our purpose, our connection to a higher source, what makes us tick, and how the heck did we get where we are?

It is the pursuit of spiritual truths that motivates and propels many of our journeys. And if you are like me, then just following the pack isn’t all that inspiring. I want to experience for myself what it means to evolve, expand awareness or deepen the connection to consciousness. Hearing about someone else’s experience may be informative, but it is not enough to feed the hunger and longing of my spirit.

So we open ourselves to change. We explore new territories and embrace transformation. Chaos feels like a constant companion.

And then we ask ourselves “why”?

You see, when we set these intentions to expand and embrace deeper truths or invite new levels of awareness; we think the answers or the insights will come to us in our dreams, meditations, or through our imagination. Yet, we live in a physical world. That which we seek appears in our day-to-day lives.

We open ourselves to change and then assume that automatically the cells in our body will begin to realign and we are different. And while there is some truth to that.., (we can talk to our cells and change, infuse or alter them), for the most part the way we ground and integrate many of these changes is by creating a physical and emotional experience in our 3D world.

We ask for a deeper understanding of our Divine nature, and we lose a loved one or are invited to a new networking group. We want to expand our awareness of Love and we get a promotion at work or our favorite restaurant closes down. We ask for clarity and are bombarded with options or feel like we are staring at a blank wall. There are unlimited ways to navigate and explore. None better than another.

Spiritual exploration is unpredictable! Some lessons feel painful. While others seem to slide into place with ease.

I have been going through a process to figure out what is next for me and for Storm Wisdom. Our lease is up in less than a year. Do we renew, move, expand, downsize, shift our focus or our offerings? What is next for us.

The more I ask for clarity, the thicker the muddy waters get. The more I try to lock down the right answer, the more questions get raised. And yet, the areas of my life that are the most chaotic right now, are not with my business. So it has taken me a while to figure out that I am creating this chaos as a way to inform my future. There are valuable insights here, but I can only discover them if I am willing to embrace them for what they are.

These mundane annoyances, challenges, situations and experiences are here because I invited something new. They are shifting and changing before my eyes, because that is what I asked for. I just didn’t expect them to show up where they are! I thought I could ‘control’ my experiences while exploring the unknown! There must be a way to be prepared for anything… Right?

In ‘Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life’ (an actual book!) her advice for travel is to “pack everything”! She reasons that even for a trip to Florida you never know when you’ll experience a little “Ice Age”.

I realize I have been trying to “pack everything” for my spiritual journey; so I will be prepared, no matter what comes up!

The truth its time to set it all down and walk into the unknown with trust and a sense of adventure.  Care to join me?

With Light, Love, and Laughter